Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Alien invasion update

Alien invasion update

Don Bradley

I have a bit of news regarding how this is all going to go down. Apparently, and I guess thankfully, they plan on the dribble plan. This is where they do the whole “alien” thing in stages.

  • Release videos and disclose long standing discovery of the alien species.

  • More then, it's revealed they've had visits and contact with the species.

  • They introduce a few of the fellas.

  • They then reveal that indeed, they've been living among us for some time. They might even be your neighbors. This includes some high profile cases of these being shown to the world as people we thought were human, but surprise, they've been “helping" us all along.

  • Then the big reveal. They ARE your neighbors, politicians, actors, bankers, big to do types on the world stage.

  • They stop cloaking and come right out in the open. Surprise surprise, your wife, neighbor, best friend is an alien. Tada!

  • The fleet arrives.

It will be explained that they've been “trying” to “help” us, but you know how it is with those pesky, backward, orthodox Christian types? It's because of them you have drugs, wars, and evil. And if you just got rid of them, the world will be as one.

That's the plan.

It doesn't take much imagination to see how each of these reveal stages plays out. Those that warn will be silenced as the very bad people the “aliens” will be telling us about. The more we warn people, the more we will be the REAL EVIL ONES. And so it goes.

It's a smart way to do it. With each stage always presenting the issue of, well, “we can't interfere only suggest good things. It's those reactionary Christians who are the cause of drugs, prostitution, slavery, you name it. Christians will be setup and blamed for every evil deed and those we do not even know about.

Then the population will hunt us down, thinking they are doing God and humanity, a favor.

These are NOT aliens. They are varying types of demon ranks. From the low to the high. 

They have two scenarios. One where the aliens are the villains, and we are at war. Fleet overhead, a leader arises that claims to have the key to defeating them, if we unit as ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

The other is as discussed above.

Both plans are effective. Both end up with Christians being the reason we can't get along or get the job done.



PS. And why do we have to die? Because these demonics and the presence of the Holy Spirit cannot be in the same place, at the same time. They rage and go apey when these even look upon someone with the baptism of Yeshua's (Jesus) grace. 

Think a Karen times a 1000 but with super human strength and powers.