Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Deadly Message for the Dorky Messenger

Pink Super Passover Moon

If you haven't read this short article regarding the snake in the bootie, than go here first.

So, given insight into the matter of things, we must go back to the very first prophecy of the Bible or the Torah, as it is known. There, in Genesis chapter 3, YHVH tells Satan/Lucifer that 

Which is exactly what was meant to happen, had I slipped my foot into the Ugg boot (a knock off from 2003.) The little darlin' would have sunk its fangs into my heel rather than the leather and according to my research, I would have been dead in about 20 seconds. Kraits are super deadly that way, being a neurotoxin that shuts down the lungs ability to take in air. You literally then choke to death, turning blue, and no trace of the bite vector, unlike rattle snakes and the like.

And on Full Moon of Passover 2020. 

I get it. On all the levels. 

I have someone who lives abroad, who I correspond with for some years now. To say he's a black magician is about as nice a way as I can put it, but he's more than that. Being a metaphysician, he and I sling perspectives and he doesn't hide what he is nor any other of such. It's all around him and his attachments. 

The Krait came from them that do such things, with a level of magic many cannot comprehend. It's how an extremely rare viper that is hard to obtain, ended up in my house booties in the pouring rain in a matter of me being gone from the house only 20 minutes. My house camera showed no physical entry of a human being. In point of fact, it was planned and foretold. The tells were the type of death and the red head. I'm too spent today to get into all that, but if you look into the matter yourselves, then you don't have to take my or his word for anything; the information is out there.

It's kind of flattering that they're still trying to kill me on the days most magically critical to their agenda...and FAILING. This makes about a dozen attempts.
  • shot through the neck, through and through
  • engine sabotaged, twice
  • run off the road in the mountains and highway, three times
  • poisoned, twice
  • and the krait trap yesterday.
 Not counting the time in a hospital I was slipped iodine intravenously that I was allergic too (whatever that stuff really is) that shut down my heart and lungs.

Doesn't matter. I really left them alone in the last year...their altars, portals, and other things. I've had other things that have taken my time totally.

The doubt attacks they try are just sucky, number one. Especially from people that claim they love you. 

Anyways, there it is.


After working all night researching and vetting, guard kitty Gracie watches over the village dork, giving one of my sons visiting to help the lady move, her hissy fit warning about waking me up. She's a sweet girl.