Friday, May 14, 2021




Vax weapon takes away your name, your mind, your ability to recognize family and friends.

9 And salt waters shall be found in the sweet, and all friends shall destroy one another; then shall wit hide itself, and understanding withdraw itself into his secret chamber, 

The 3rd plague is reason and reasoning, the ability to cogitate, shall leave you. Even the day of the week, one's own name, takes some thought and then even...DB

Watchers, blessings, in the midst of darkness. And the wicked shall be punished.


Tuesday, May 11, 2021

It's not personal...

It's not personal...

by Don Bradley

I've met plenty of people who had or are in the middle of a mixed relationship or marriage, with non Adamic hybrid humans. It's more common then you would imagine. They build a spiritual fence around those whom Dad sends to earth with any kind of light and fire of Holy Spirit and make sure they are hemmed in for the duration of the life, as best as they are able.

Fully 30% of the satanic network is engaged with this work, and they enjoy it, because they know they are doing all they can to hinder, harm, enable vice tendencies, and otherwise hide any real truth and always encourage fictions, they know to be false. It's a kind of victory, because they found as long as they arrange things in such a way, that the target – wife, husband, boyfriend, best friend, etc – always gets to choose and make the choice, establishing free will.

Free will is the key. It always was, is, and will be.

Ever had a spouse or significant other or friend always agree to your every whim and suggestion, with no push back? Think hard. These folks stick in your memory, because sooner or later, you realize their real purpose. Encourage the slightest tendency to corruption and dead silent when the truth of any stripe, emerges, on any person, place or thing. Whether it be a great truth or tiny, they act or encourage the fiction to push back.

Because, after all...if the choice of everything you do, plan, or think about is manipulated to encourage the misunderstanding and supporting it or standing dead silent as a stone, when it comes to awareness of any real kind, regardless of religion, spiritual affinity, or race that leads to freedom from ANY KIND OF SLAVERY, body or soul, then this is the reason they are IN YOUR LIFE. 

Alcoholics in that whole addiction reality have a word for this very group of people. They call them enablers. They may not always partake in the sin, on any magnitude, but they sure arrange your choice in the matter supports the WRONG CHOICE. And if doubtful, they always express the wrong course, nor show any support at repentance, change to the good, or anything REALLY positive in your life.

Know this. They have a secret life. They are adepts at hiding it. WOW.

So, it's just business. For them. It's their MO in dealing with those destined to follow the Most High, wherever they may be found.

Our Father scattered His people all over the world.

After a time, and the painful tons of evidence He puts in our way, providing we stop listening to the gas lighting (which they excel at), we tend to feel a tad sorry for ourselves. What ever on Earth did you ever do to deserve this?

First, it's the nature of evil. You have nothing to do with that, just the tiresome pedantry of being the endless object of it.

I know. I've had this awareness how they operate in 1999. It sucks massive. And had to watch friend after friend expose themselves and their real motives to me without fail. Just the great way Dad works.

Especially, once you listened and obeyed The Holy Spirit, He reveals the final truth, which by that time you usually no longer need, and you see them shift into something inhuman. After some time, He puts that gift up front. Even at long distance.

We accepted and volunteered to be here, knowing exactly what we were facing and said, HERE AM I. It helps to remember that. Read your bible. 

Also, the bible has over 400 references to figures in the Both testaments having come here to earth, over and over again. Whatever it is for them, is also for us.

Why on this great world people haven't figured that out by now, other than the bleeding edgers, I still don't know.

So...buck up. He loves us. He swore He would shelter and protect and for those who haven't done it yet in any life, well. You'll find out.

Learn about spiritual fire. From ON HIGH, YESHUA. The King of Kings. Your spiritual Husband. He gave us a part of Himself.

We call that conscious loving extension of HIS SOUL, the Holy Spirit.

It is visibly in the etheric, fiery blue fire. Like tiny flames, bursting out all at once. I have about fifty of these photographs over the years, but when you are full of His SPIRIT, this is visible on film. In our time.

Release fire to those near and far, as a fiery blessing, with all your loving heart filled with his Joy bursting forth into the room.

Rather than say more, it's better you learn by doing and pray often for the wisdom to know what to do, say and be, when the time comes. As it should be. Each moment of each situation is entirely unique and at this attainment, there is no manual except experience.

He will give you the words, the mercy, and the understanding necessary to correctly navigate the world of the Nephilim. Trust me when I say...without that, on your own, dangerous ground. When the demons start jumping ship, they can get psychotically deranged.

With Dad's guiding hand and love. No worries. Trust His Guidance and it will turn out for the best, every time.
I learned the above the hard way, and charged right in. Now, His gentle graces guide the ship. Works out better in all events, every time.

I pray this helps you. I am advised it's time to share about this.

Good luck.


Also, the Holy Fire that lives in your blood? When it touches them, you feel "hot" to them. It also pushes out demonic hitchhikers. For the possessed and all of them are to some greater or lessor degree, they have to be evicted by repentance and Exorcism, which is easy and effortless.

Happy birthday Matt


Buggle boy Matt

Don, the dad unit.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Babylon Falling: Devils Habitation

The blood of saint San Gennaro failed to liquefy 2 times in a row now

The Reuters article I linked was for the last time it did not liquefy, and again, yesterday, it did not liquefy.


This blood has been around for 700 years. It never spoiled and it always liquefies 3 times a year, and when it fails to liquefy there's always a subsequent disaster. And I would bet the corona vax is the disaster this time around.

Stuff like this makes it idiotic to not believe scripture, after all, how on earth would blood that's 700 years old behave like this absent miracles? Lots of leftists say the bible is fairy tale but I'd like to see them try to explain how things like this blood (there are lots of other similar things, like Our Lady of Guadalupe that cries blood yearly) that can't be explained - let's see a leftist explain how in the 1300's they found a way to perfectly preserve blood and have it liquefy on the same 3 days of the year for 700 years straight, only to NOT liquefy when it's signaling a disaster that happens EVERY TIME.

Leftists can't explain this, which means they are B.S. AND HEADS UP: There have only been a few times in history where this blood did not liquefy and it ALWAYS precedes a massive disaster when it does not. As I said, I think the corona vax is the reason this time but it could be anything, anything BAD.

The last time this blood failed to liquefy, the luciferian MSM took notice and published it, and if they did that, it would have to be a truly rare occurrence along a steady timeline of liquifications that could only be called miracles. Twice in a row signals disaster, this really is a big deal.

Jim Stone


Friday, May 7, 2021

What we can expect in the upcoming

blessed water from my fridge.


What we can expect in the upcoming

Don Bradley, May 7th, 2021

In their increasingly maniacal thirst for more victims, the satanic cabal intends the following; some of this agenda, is already in play. In most schools, the vax weapon kill shot is mandatory from Kindergarten through PhD. Plus, every satanist business owner is the demanding vax death compliance.

They intend to tighten the noose around our necks, one tug at a time.

And this is coming very soon, not years away, but months. Plan accordingly, as best as able to your circumstance. The following will be required, to push the desperate into surrendering their free will.

Then it becomes the singular issue:


Well, what's your price?

Vax Weapon death shot will be required if you want any semblance of life, we currently enjoy.

  • Public transportation

  • Stores

  • Gasoline of any kind

  • Electricity, gas, oil for the home or business

  • employment, state and then federally mandated

Initially, depending upon compliance, only cabal business owners from the single woman running the local apothecary, to a huge corporation, will and are being used, to enforce free will surrendering of one's body and soul. Then, when that fails to the desired levels, the state and Feds will weigh in, boxing the remainders into a corner.

Then the camps.

All this year. We have about 2 months ish until this is upon us, from every angle. From July onward (because they have a schedule they are working against), they will go beyond overpaid whores shilling for videos and TV ads and start to lean against the weak willed and indecisive. This lot will fail the test as they've always had, in their past.

Dad's people will usually, never agree to any of this. They know that too. They just want the herd thinned down to the REFUSNIKS, who just won't sell out. And in whom the vax weapon shedding is having no effect. They get the camps, or?

Prepare accordingly.


PS Remember, the vax erases your ability to hear or feel, Almighty God. So people are reporting who can feel and hear. Those that have no connection, ever, won't notice a thing.
Those who have the mark of the beast are then under severe judgment. Read Revelations and Esdra 5.