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Animals have souls? YES

Enoch Chapter 58

Enochs instructions to his sons 1Listen to me, my children, to-day. 2In those days when the Lord came down on to earth for Adams sake, and visited all his creatures, which he created himself, after all these he created Adam, and the Lord called all the beasts of the earth, all the reptiles, and all the birds that soar in the air, and brought them all before the face of our father Adam. 3And Adam gave the names to all things living on earth. 4And the Lord appointed him ruler over all, and subjected to him all things under his hands, and made them dumb and made them dull that they be commanded of man, and be in subjection and obedience to him. 5Thus also the Lord created every man lord over all his possessions. 6The Lord will not judge a single soul of beast for mans sake, but adjudges the souls of men to their beasts in this world; for men have a special place. 7And as every soul of man is according to number, similarly beasts will not perish, nor all souls of beasts which the Lord created, till the great judgment, and they will accuse man, if he feed them ill.

Chapter 59 1Whoever defiles the soul of beasts, defiles his own soul.

Love works for the both of us

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The Daily Messenger: Full Moon August 2018

The Daily Messenger: Full Moon August 2018: The sun, the moon, and the wandering errant stars. NOT planets.

Portal Guardians

Portal Guardians
Part 5 of 5,
Geographic sites with demonic names

by Don Bradley

August 2018

Having been to most of the places indicated by other people as demonically named sites all over the world, there is a reason for these long-standing nomenclatures—site names often going back thousands of years, especially in those islands and lands about the Mediterranean. Very serious reasons, often involving immense amounts of innocent bloodshed, or symbols of the era before the flood, or post-flood nephilim activities that were and are, abominations to anyone except modern satanists. The devil's elbow, the devil's tower, the devil's punchbowl, ad nausea, you get the idea. In every country, there are strange rock, or other places with this odd naming. Such as these, luciferian sycophants to high priestesses of darkness, who often do anything to keep these awful satanic lesbians happy, gather to pay homage, do ritual sacrifice, and other things to keep the magic going at these places. Resistance is futile, refusal is death. It's a saying these seeds of Satan have, though I've heard varying versions of it, depending upon the language and country.

And Satan and his seed are most definitely THE enemy of the sons of Adam. Because they WANT TO BE, not because of our disposition towards them or Heaven's lack of love for all things. This must be understood at the outset. The hatred is real, palpable, and merciless. I've encountered it all my life, without understanding why so many hate me on sight, until I was 40 years old. When Yeshua moved in body and soul at 16, everything changed from normal to increasing levels of what it is now.

When you study the enemy, you learn a great deal. Or you can remain ignorant, vulnerable, and NEVER see it coming when it comes. The Holy Spirit protects you, being covered by the blood of the Lamb, when studying such abominations. And, you can teach others that we are, after all, in a spiritual battle, as YHVH spoke about though Paul. I've spent some many decades in battle, doing just such a work. I only know of a few others who have done it this long. Most just go along, to get along, and don't want to rock their safe and sane little boat. On earth, that's an illusion. No one is safe, and the whole nephilim place is INSANE with bloodlust. Frankly Pizzagate is not only real, but in every town and city, nearly every street.

If you think the preceding is fiction, just talk to sincere gang-stalking victims (yeah, I'm such a one) about the endless harassment that comes from these devils. It's everywhere you go. And if you telegraph your plans, they are waiting for you.

But we are not here to learn for idle curiosity. If you are reading this, you may in fact be called to action. To serve the Most High in battle. Maybe.

I digress.

Many governments, especially in the west, encourage tourism to these satanically named sites, except on those special days of the year when the covens gather for dark purposes. I know this to be true, for I was at more than a few of these places on ritual night, for the express purpose of closing the portals there, and was either blocked by law enforcement from even getting within miles of the place or outright found and forced out. Others were with me, so if you are thinking tall tales here, you are assuredly mistaken. If you know me, you know my rule of TWO WITNESSES, or the thing is not reported. And you also know this rule, with me, goes back a few decades. As many readers from long ago know, I and others have been involved in taking out satanic sites for a very, very long time. Before 911, and before everything.

Many of the sentinels there have become twisted and distorted from the thousands of years of satanic activity, post flood, and the sites have a well known occult reputation for dark energies, portal wise, to those nether dimensions. Hence the naming.

I began researching these sites in 2000 and since. I have quite a collection of photographs, pictures of the remains of Black Sabbath aftermaths, etc. We plant bibles there, cast out demons, and do what we can to destroy the satanic altars which usually can be found in these places, like the devil's punchbowl, devil's gate, et al. One altar, in Ojai, which is twice the size of a refrigerator, we did what we do, and in the following week, it was broken into 6 separate pieces. Solid granite. What it was, it is no more.

To me, this is very old news. But, that is to be expected. I am glad that this knowledge is moving beyond the few into the many, so that all may be aware of these problems on earth. Like it was with chemtrail awareness 20 years ago. And our duty is to block these satanic sites from further use. If you have the guts and protection of Yeshua to back your play. Otherwise, the demons will follow you and make a ruin of your life. If you think shadow walkers are bad, believe me, portal guardians, from the post nephilim days after the flood, are far more vicious and tenacious.

Be strong with our Father, YHVH. And all will be well. If you can face it. Because it all is against you. There is no nice way of putting the inevitable outcome of doing such work. In the interest of full disclosure, you must know that portal closing and the destruction of ritual sites, as well as exposing their dark agenda, comes at the highest of prices.
  • You can kiss your friends goodbye;
  • forget any kind of real employment; you feed yourself and four sons on around $50 a week, as I've been doing since 2001. As you cannot afford meat, you become a vegetarian. And you make it work. Going to whole foods and the like is a pipe dream for you. It's just how it is. It's the dollar tree, like we do, and you live on the dollar menu. If you do manage to get out to do dad's work, it's because someone else is footing the bill. Be grateful. It's as good as it gets, forever. And every car in your life and those of your sons is at least 20 years old or older. No new cars for you, ever again. For you, it's beater shite boxes. Unless you had it before and you have taken care of it, as I have done with my truck.
  • you will be shadow banned on the internet; I have been since 1998. Now, others are experiencing it and its more widespread. All those people who laughed at me and said I was paranoid and a nutcase can tender their apologies, because shadow banning is hitting everyone who stands against their agenda. And yeah, it sucks.
  • cut off; really cut off. Get used to it.
  • zilch for any kind of donations or help, except in rare, occasional circumstances and usually, from very rare, amazing folks; Like me, after nearly 40 years of hard earned affluence and success, total poverty and hardship. No vacations, unless it's donated. No new clothes. No new anything. Your entire house filled with yard sale furniture and kitchenware. Like mine.
  • gang-stalking will be your new normal; I first noticed it in the early 1990s, it's only gotten worse.
  • your extended family will talk behind your back, call you crazy, and slander you every chance they get, as has happened to me; and I don't talk about this with ANYONE. But, once someone reads about your doings, to give others hope in a dark time, you're finished. Get used to the fact that the people closest to you are the ones to betray you the most. Count on your spouse to be the one do to the most damage. Or even your next spouse, because the intelligence satanic network LOVES getting someone inside the gates and who better, than the person you share your bed with. I've experience with this. As have others. Hang tough, know its coming, and when you are most vulnerable, they'll drop the hammer on you and then proceed to make ruin with your family and friends.
  • I've had my truck sabotaged so many times for accidents, I've lost count. Brakes, oil drained, tires cut flapped, so that at 70, they delaminate, bolts on distributors all removed, when they were on there the DAY BEFORE. You learn to open the hood regularly to inspect the engine and other parts. And to remove the GPS trackers they attach. You find that from week to week, new things have been done. They have keys to everything you have a lock for, depend upon it.
  • You find that satanists are EVERYWHERE. NO KIDDING;
  • visits from law enforcement are very common, for reasons that defy belief;
  • burglaries become routine, including the theft of cash and assets; no matter where I live, dozens of times I've come home to find the doors unlocked and the house rifled. Things missing. Then, a month later, sitting on the counter, is an item that was taken, but returned. This is called by the FBI, AGGRESSIVE HARASMENT; it's their petty way of saying, yeah, we did this to you.
  • For example, just last month I finally got into Patreon, to help with my dwindling income and maybe, just maybe, afford a P1000 camera. They, after two weeks blocked my account because of Terrorist activities and fraud—that's what they said. Even though all I've done is put up a few pics and articles that are, at that time, watered down. I had only two donations, and they blocked others from helping me. This is just one of many things THAT HAPPEN EVERY DAY. If you are A REAL THREAT AND DAD IS WITH YOU IN ALL WAYS, this is your new normal. If you are a watered down, do little nothing threat, they don't really bother. Your life will have a couple of bumps, but it goes on as it was. They don't consider people who just put out information as a serious threat. But, go out in the field and block them from their dark work, and that's another matter entirely. I do education too, as you all know very well. But that's just part of the thing, the SMALL PART.
  • If you are a REAL THREAT, you find you can no longer fly anywhere on any kind of plane. I've been banned from flying for 15 years. If you can still book a flight and fly, you're not much of a threat to them, in their eyes.
  • And implants. Delivered in parking lots at night, at restaurants, key chain fobs, you name it. I've been hit by all the above. It feels like getting hit with a spit wad, and leaves a welt like a spider bite for about ten days. Then it's in your system. You have to use chelation therapy and the Gerson therapy for your body to dump them. And you find out it's your new best buddies who set you up for this.
  • surveillance is everywhere and in all places you frequent; everything you own, is bugged. Your back pack, car, home, you name it. Their technology is ultra miniature. And it's audio and video, so everything you do, they see and hear. And often, they let you know about. And this is and was long before echo and all that other spy stuff people are now putting in their homes. Every time I start to create an article, they turn off my computer. I have to unplug from the router and disable wifi to work. Know this, surveillance is real time. Not later. You have a minder that lives next door or on your street. I've actually walked into a house with a room full of monitors and every screen had some angle of my house. It's just the great way Dad works. I was paying the rent and walked in and the first room on the right was full of CPUs and monitors. And there was my house and every room, garage, street views, all of it. The lady pushed me out and started changing the subject, but too late. Once you see a truth of your life, you cannot ever unsee it.
  • you come to realize its over, your former life. The wife will leave you and she'll do it on a witches sabbath, like mine did, and worse—she'll call everyone you know and tell the wildest lies about you, starting with your job, if you still have one, and your parents, as mine did. If you are lucky, your children will understand; usually, the wife takes them. In the end, it's just you, Yeshua, and Dad. And the stars...
  • I got to live in my truck for a year in 2007. No hot food. Garden hose for a bath and wash-up. Nice. Real nice.
  • The things that matter, that are important, you have no one to talk to about, because you find mostly, people don't want to know and could care less. More to the point, they wouldn't believe you anyway. So you don't talk about it. Ever. Doesn't matter if you have proof or witnesses, they consider you a nut-bag, even those that profess a love of Yeshua and our Father. Especially those. They prefer, in the main, churchianity to the Truth of Earth. In point of fact, the folks that snigger the most behind my back are those that profess to serve Yahua. The only two who haven't kicked me in the mouth since this started for me was Bill Cooper, Ron Wyatt, and Kent Hovind. The rest avoid me. So be it. It was this way in 1997, when a few of us broke the chemtrail thing with pictures and evidence. And other things, as long-timers know. Then flat earth. For me, it's always and for all the above reasons. So it will be for you. Know this going in, if going into the work you are called.

Once you go down this road of working for Dad, there IS NO TURNING BACK. Even if you wanted to, they won't let you. The satanists. Once you get on the CIA/FBI shite list, its for life. And the covens and intel agencies are ONE AND THE SAME. I repeat, the intelligence agencies are RUN BY SATANIC COVENS AND THE ILLUMINATI. The dark side. Evil. And they only hire, employ, use, and deploy satanists, whether they be astronots, field agents, school teachers, judges, doctors, police, etc etc etc. Dad won't let you either, by the by. His loving ways keep you forward, ever forward. Right up until he lets them kill you, as he's done to Jim Keith, Bill Cooper, and many others. Or they kill your children, as my friend and fellow worker in these matters, David John Oates had happened to him, after the justice department ran him out of the country in 1999. They murdered his young daughter and dumped her body in a ditch.

I have had all types of state, local, and federal law enforcement at my door. Once, in January 2004, two sheriffs in Santa Clarita showed up at my door and insisted I removed my many articles about the nephilim, six fingers, slit eyes, etc—the only stuff about reptoids, nephilim, et al in those years—. And the pictures. I refused. Two weeks later, they took down my site, crashed my computer, erased my hard drives, and destroyed my cameras.
That's right. I broke the whole business of nephilim in ancient Israel and Judea, and the tribes that were giant, six fingers, red hair, and how it all came to be in early 2002. About the same time I made the very first chemtrail awareness video, CLOUDS OF DEATH. Chemtrails have nothing to do with geoengineering. That's well-poisoning. It's about killing us off. We are being murdered with weakened immune systems and chemtrails ARE A BINARY WEAPONS SYSTEM. Look up OMEGA SQUADRON, they are the Air Force and Navy branch in charge of this worldwide. These are the killers, going back to 1958, when it all started.

This is what you can expect when your power of Spirit from Yeshua's blood, interferes with their dark plans.

Having said all the above, let's move on. So, if you are inspired, you at least are made aware of what you can expect for the rest of your life. This WAS NOT INFORMATION given to me, when I took up my standard and shield for the Lamb. You are given what I never received.

Finally, this. This isn't about scaring you or whining about my life. It's just the spirit of full disclosure. Targeted Individuals know this list all too well. As it should be. In the military, a good commander is honest with his troops, and if it's a bad beat op, he will, out of decency for you and your loved ones, tell you as much. The good ones do, the bastardos, don't.


August 2004. Son Matthew and I, blond guy next to me, spent that week closing portals in Yosemite and surrounding areas. many fun adventures to talk about, also, very dangerous.

The Daily Messenger: Closing a portal to hell

The Daily Messenger: Closing a portal to hell: The most important part about reading, is reading between the lines. When the world fills up with lemons, rather than make lemonade. Just..


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Talking of God

Walking in a field,

Chatting with a friend,

Speaking of God's love for us,

And how it never ends.

Across in the distance,

a few doe we did spy,

out after sunset for dinner,

and feed their babies nearby.

Feeling eyes upon us,

we did turn around,

the doe we saw from afar

were now following yards away.

So we entreated our good wishes,

and Dads' blessings upon them,

the ladies of the mountain tops,

stayed with us all the while.

Having no camera or cell phone which doth spy,

My friend and I enjoyed their company,

for as long as it might last.

Finally, the darkening sky,

beckoned all to other places,

we parted with good love,

and a remembrance of this day,

the doe who joined our company,

to the ending of our stay.

Thank you Dad.

Don Bradley

[MIRROR] Why I'm a Flat Earther - 37 Must See Experiments

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Tink and Dad

When Tink, our cat, takes a nap, she has been this summer finding whatever open bible she can find, and sleeping on it. If not open, then against it. Or, if she gets a grand slam, she can wedge against one, while sleeping on the other.

Tink enjoying the Grand Slam of Dad's energy

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Angels SMALL and large, of all types

There is more than is mentioned. Always is.

DB in the Rockies watching the wheels go by

Splashing with the angels among the waterfalls in Colorado

by Don Bradley

Here we go, with something different, but written about by many writers over thousands of years. This was taken by a Nikon A6006 film camera, in 1998, while I was playing in a waterfall up on the Rockies between Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak. We drove up to spend the day in the country, and came across this most lovely stream and was cavorting abouts the waterfalls we found.

I could perceive that there were, as usual, lots of angelic forest life as one finds in the purer areas of the mountains and countryside, far away from civilization. Disliking nephilim corruption, they tend to shy away from that mixture of humanity that is what it is: narcissistic, cruel, and selfish. On the other hand, if the above qualities do not define you, then they happily will be about. Much food for thought there.

As you can see in the foreground, these little "humming birds" of light and glory were dancing about the dork, feeding off my joy at playing in the water. Actually, there were tons taken that day, but I have to dig them out to get back to them, if they haven't been stolen, as so many have.

This is from a film camera. I still have the negatives and am able to prove and have proven, that these are unaltered original pictures. Having gone through so many pics of my life, sure enough, these different choirs of angels are always about. Being a tard and a dork, this makes no sense to me. I am not a theological scholar, with many letters after my name. Those fellows hate me, avoid me, and treat me like some kind of villain. Except for Wyatt and Hovind. Like the fellows of old, I am nobody. I am not a pastor or priest or preacher or any of that, which so many say, I must be false, because I am not these titles with letters after my name. I do have degrees, but in engineering and in communication. I have met many people with Doctors of Divinity degrees, but Dad's light was not with them. Their egos were, however.

Then I remember that these are the same clowns who, when we exposed chemtrails back in 1997 through 2004 ALL SAID it was balderdash and we were terrible people for implying that OUR OR ANY GOVERNMENT could do such things. Now, everyone knows about chemtrails and these clowns have NEVER apologized for their ruinous remarks back in the day. Never.

I had two entire walls of degrees and awards and certificates and signed pics for famous people that filled, as I say, two entire walls. Ego walls. I burned them all in 2004. In front of my boys. They stood between me and the divine. Ego walls of degrees, awards, and such show how shallow and small a person is. They measure themselves by how much of the world's approval of their selves, rather than of Dad's. Very often, people with ego walls have no connection with spirit. And are liars. And lie mainly to themselves. Just saying. By burning them, I stopped the last of the lying to myself. I wasn't measured by other men or society's accolades. I was measured by Dad's Holy Love.

And so are you.

Birthday gift, oldy but goody kind of deal

A birthday gift from Heaven

By Don Bradley

The day was my birthday—yay—and I was about early that morning running errands on the other side of town, where my sons lived with their mother. I had only the month before, moved to a condo lease to be as close to my boys as possible. To be a good father and to always be around for them. I had to spend the previous year living in my truck for no one would give me a job, even the most menial work I applied for. Even every single Temp agency in Los Angeles. Even with my work history, publishing career, several degrees, and teaching credential, building estimator for a decade, once my name went into their system, the network would cut me off at the knees. Life was and is, like that for me. I sold orgone again, to make some kind of living. It wasn't much. It was January 2008, this particular day. The 10th.

I noticed all morning that these clouds kept following me around wherever I went. In an otherwise perfectly blue, clear, morning sky. No chemtrails that day either. So, I was dropping off groceries at their moms house, as I did each week, and I borrowed a camera I had given my son Matt, a Nikon a6006 film camera with a roll still inside.

Then I walked outside and quickly snapped a few pictures from their driveway of these clouds, which were now down at the end of the street, over a house. I remember thinking, “Okay guys, I got you. No one would believe me otherwise.” I had to return the camera, because the boys were in school, and without direct permission, I had no right to keep the camera with me that day. So, I put it back in Matt's room. When I saw them later, I told him of the borrowing. It was all good, as I knew it would be.

Also, every time I looked out the truck window (I am still driving that old truck to this day), there they were just 500 feet away. I kept hearing singing inside me. It's hard to explain that one, and don't care if no one believes it. Frankly, no one believes much of anything I say, and that's just fine.

These “clouds”, shaped like angels wearing wings and sometimes holding stringed instruments of old, went wherever I went that day, all day. Look out the window, there they were.

Finally, as the sun began to set, they took off in a really golden sunset. Thing is...being alone, no real income, not expecting the lease to last even a month, but enjoying hot showers again, I felt loved and looked after. Especially after a year of parking in Santa Clarita, living in a truck with a broken clutch that didn't work or shift (fortunately, fixed the day before I got the lease), and having to walk everywhere to go anywhere for anything. Donna sent enough money every month for my min car insurance and cell phone. The rest I scrounged from trash cans and leftover food the boys saved for me. But, I had my bible, my love of Dad and my boys. And my friends, these servants of the Holy of Holies, who were always around. Plus, a few friends from the orgone days, who still showed kindness. I love them all very much.

I did have these things. But nothing else.

I had put these pics up on a blog that the satanists took down back in 2009, that I had up for years, and was using whatever access I could get to update it. So, for a few of you out there, you've seen these before.

The pictures are from the end on the boys driveway, of which I was standing. I have a shot of me standing in the driveway, as I asked the mom unit to take my picture, and “baby” the truck. Can't find the pic-when I do, will put it up.

Here you go.

I love Dad. I love Yeshua. I love you all.

Following the village dork. they constantly changed into different, beautiful expressions of their selves. I wish I were able to get the all day shots, some were really impressive.

My 1989 Toyota truck SR5, original owner, parked in the boys driveway. The dork mobile. it still looks this good, Because I take care of what Dad gives me as the blessings these things are.

Don the writer, during a book signing at Barnes and Noble, 1998. I couldn't be that guy anymore, and Dad was waking me up to what I was into more and more, and that time had to pass. Along with the money and the fame.

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The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer; Jesus/Yeshua taught us how to pray. He taught us the simplicity, the power, and the glory of prayer. To come boldly before the Throne of Grace. Come My children, come, gather yourselves Together around the Throne of Grace, the sanctuary.

Sanctuary, what mysteries come out of this word? Sanctuary, safety, peace, Loving kindness, and so much more. In this I am merely breaking down how the Lord has shown me the deeper meaning of The Lord’s Prayer. And in the simplest ways that I can.

Our Father; Jesus/Yeshua prayed, ABBA, Father, for in doing this, it brings a Holy God near. Understand that He is your Father. Our Father wants a relationship with you, He wants to talk with you, an Everlasting relationship with you, He is longing for your voice to reach His ear. Incline Thine ear Oh Merciful Father, listen for the pleadings of my heart. We cry out, ABBA, Father, bringing a Righteous, Holy God, near. He is our Father, He created you with purpose and meaning. You are not an accident, you are not a mistake, you are a child of The Most High God. Separated unto salvation. His seal is upon you, your name is written in His book. He alone holds a love for you that is unmatched, unparalleled, there is no higher love than what He has for you. He is your protector, your refuge, your sanctuary. He is the Sabbath, the day of rest, therefore, rest in Christ Jesus/Yeshua, our Lord and Savior. He is Righteousness, He is Glory, He is the never ending story. He is your Everlasting Father.

Who art in Heaven; Our Father is in Heaven, a place that we cannot comprehend. A place in which our minds cannot articulate. A place where sin cannot enter. He sits on His Throne, in all everlasting glory. A sea of molten glass beneath His feet, the Fire of His everlasting righteousness proceeding before Him, a sweet savor, the incense of prayers and supplication filling in and around His Throne of Grace, the winged creatures and angels the Heavenly Host praising, singing, crying out Holy, Holy, Holy, is our Lord and God.

Hallowed be Thy Name; Our Father is Holy. His very Name is Holiness. Holiness is His nature. He speaks and it is done, by His Righteousness. He comes in clouds, by His awesome power, thunder and lightning, proceeding before Him, for He is Holy. He covers Himself to protect those He is visiting, for if they would see Him they would surely die.

Moses was told to build a Tabernacle after delivering the Israelites from Egypt, and to build The Ark of The Covenant, only one could enter into the Holy of Holies once a year. The inner chamber, the sanctuary. If he was not covered from head to foot he would surely die. He would sprinkle blood on the mercy seat, saying, behold the hand, behold the nail. This is showing us that we need to be covered by the blood of Christ to stand before a Holy God. You are the Tabernacle, the Temple in which houses the Ark, inside the Holy of Holies.

Some brought strange fire and were consumed. You cannot bring strange fire before our Holy God. You must be covered by the precious blood of Christ Jesus/Yeshua.

Thy Kingdom come; His Kingdom is coming, and is here even now. The Kingdom of YHWH is revealed in and through the hearts of His children. You, being joined to our Lord and Savior through His blood covenant are now bringing a piece of Heaven down onto the earth as Yeshua lives in you. We as believers are born again through the Spirit of our Lord and Savior, Jesus/Yeshua Christ. The Kingdom is in you, The Kingdom of YHWH.

Thy Will be done; His Will is that none should parish. His Will is worked through you as His child. His Will is that you pray without ceasing in Spirit, as a song, Thee unto me, and me unto Thee, Oh sweet melody. Through His Will all things are made, as the flower blooms, it is for His pleasure. As the wind blows, we know not from whence it came or where it goes, it is of His good pleasure. Jesus is the Will of our Father, the Word of God.

On earth as it is in Heaven; The very creation itself reveals aspects of Heaven, if we stopped speaking to God, the very rocks would cry out.

God Himself would not stand on the sidelines, but instead, entered into His creation, to reveal a glimpse of Heaven on earth as Jesus healed the sick, made the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the lame to walk. Through Jesus/Yeshua we see Heaven. Through Jesus we see the Heavens open as we gaze into the depths of His eyes. A whole new world is seen in Him as He reveals to us, that He is the way, the truth, light and life. Through Jesus/Yeshua, all things are made new.

Give us this day our daily bread; To ask that we be feed in both the nourishment of the body and of the Spirit. Jesus is the bread of life we as children of The Most High God must consume the bread and water, the food and drink, the fruit of the life of our Savior Messiah the one true God who was made flesh and walked among us teaching and healing and forgiving sin, the anointed one, the unblemished lamb slain from the foundation of the world for the sake of all humanity.

Forgive us our trespasses; Forgive us of our trespasses Oh Merciful Father. Repentance Not one can live without committing sin, even our own thoughts are evil and condemn us under the law. We hurt each other and ultimately have transgressed against a Holy God, our Holy, Righteous, Father in Heaven. Jesus/Yeshua stands in our place, as He took our sin upon Himself, He became sin. A wretched thing, and His Father turned away from His own Son as He does not look upon sin. Isaiah 53:10 And it pleased the Lord to bruise Him

Jesus/Yeshua took your and my sin and in turn gave us His Righteousness, washing us in His own blood, that we may stand before a Holy God.

As we forgive those who trespass against us; If you are to be forgiven, then you must also forgive those who have trespassed against you. For us to be able to forgive others is a precious gift. If Christ be in you, than you will automatically forgive others. For He He saith, Father forgive them for they no not what they do. Jesus is Grace.

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil; It is knowing that Jesus Christ, Yeshua Savior Messiah, leads only to Life. He will never leave nor forsake you. He does not lead you to a den of vipers but instead plucked you from those venomous jaws. When we are ensnared by the enemy, Jesus sets you free. There are the things God puts us through for refining, and also there are the things that the wicked one puts us through, for destroying, It is up to each one of us to see for ourselves which one is putting you through the trials in your life. Was this meant to hurt me or cause me to grow in faith?

For Thine is the Power, and the Kingdom, and the Glory forever and ever. Amen. 

There is such profound meaning in everything that Jesus/Yeshua did, from how He talked, walked, especially in the way that He viewed the world through His eyes. Through the eyes of Jesus/Yeshua:  If one would have gazed into the depths of His eyes, they would not have seen anger, or hate, or even that of fear, but rather that of great sorrow, compassion, eagerness, reverence, humbleness, and undoubtedly a great, and powerful, absolute, vast, and bountiful, unending, expression of love, Resonating from under the thick, tear stricken, blood soaked, mud covered eyes. Yet, He saw clearly, His task at hand, as He took, me, out of the way, He was taunted, mocked, and ridiculed. He was wounded because of my transgressions, bruised for my iniquity, the chastisement for my peace, He took upon Himself, the strips He suffered healed, me, but that wasn't enough, He also took my place, and was nailed to the cross, placing Himself under the wrath of Gods judgement in my place.  Covering my sin with His righteous blood.  Through the eyes of my Father.  Praise be to His Name for ever an ever... How He went to the cross, Oh the cross. When we read through the gospels about the road to the cross, we don’t grasp the fullness of what Christ Jesus/Yeshua actually went through, until we start putting all the little pieces together that we read throughout scripture. Also what the Holy Spirit reveals to us. Suddenly we start to begin understanding the depth, magnitude, and mystery illustrated throughout Gods Word, about how He would suffer and all the little details painting a vast yet densely detailed, descriptive picture of the power of salvation, the blood, the forgiveness, the necessity and purpose of the cross. It was necessary, as much as it hurts, it needed to be done to save the lives of countless sons and daughters. So magnificent that God Himself declared it from the beginning. In how we observe the fullness of the cross is how we should approach and look at the depth of meaning in all of scripture. It doesn’t mean you have to be smart or superbly knowledgeable, or speak every language, or anything of that nature. We only need trust in Him who is from Everlasting to Everlasting. Keep your eyes focused on Jesus. Praise be to His Name for ever and ever...

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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Desert sentinel from a drone

This chieftain waited how many millennia before the rains allowed him to be visible and for the technology to exist, to even acknowledge his existence. A very long time indeed. Also, Trees and Bushes have male orders and flowering plants, the "captain or chief" for lack of better terms, are feminine. There is no way anyone without an agenda of opposition or hatred of the divine can see anything other than what's given over. The evidence is as advertised. All that is, is living. Alive. In service to the father, regardless of how much modern society HATES the patriarchy of Heaven. Dig deep enough into the source and roots of this hatred and you find satan and his minions. I notice the witches don't seem to mind the patriarchal system of satanism, as Lucifer is MALE IN GENDER. But lying, hating, thieving scumbags are all about double standards, aren't you.