Sunday, November 28, 2021

the Great Red Dragon


The photos below are the only photograph I know of this terrible Time Spirit of Evil. 

Choose Yeshua. 

What you are up against is beyond words. 

Learn what you can. Share with others.

While you can.


On Sept 23/24 2017, this was captured on telescope right beneath the knees of Virgo, the virgin, in that same constellation, as the King planet, Jupiter was passing after 42 weeks in the womb. When I saw it that morning, a tightening in my heart took place. I was looking at the spiritual Time Spirit of Satan. The entity of damnation itself.

The mess is about to get fixed, too. The appointed times have come and we've faithfully kept note and observed and reported each and every one of them, as the years went by. There are still more ahead; it's a matter of getting through tribulation. We've already been through the first half, the easy part  - of peace and plenty. That time ended in March 2021. It's been mass murder ever since and they are just getting started.

Ham took a Canaanite wife. And look what a mess we have now.

My old original chart I published in 2003.

These chimeras are on the chart above.


Canaanites in our time...UPDATED

This isn't racism. This is correct enemy identification. Tolerating this is just asking for it. And apparently, we are. 

You do understand that every single person here - and I intend to keep on publishing these demonics in a meat sack series - will KILL YOU if given half a chance; these do not care if they are caught. They know, in our time, they'll get released under a new name and barely prosecuted. 

Except for Jorge, the top two are Jewish. 

It's like this. If I describe a car to you; paint, model, year, black tires, that being racist if I call the tires black? Of course not. It's JUST WHAT THEY ARE. Everyone following this yet? Because I am getting antisemitism laid at my door. I didn't tell that Jewish guy to becomes a tranny phreak killer; it did that all by itself. Nor the bald guy to becomes a serial killer; that was his call.

Their god is Lucifer as they declare, happily. They do the whole adrenochrome blood libel, happily.

None of the above has anything to do with Donnie.

It has to do with fallen angels mating with Canaanite women to make...these things; for thousands of years. They are nephilim. Learn about what that means.

Serial killing phreak.

Demonic hordes. Always with the hands.

Rocking that demonic shine, he's ready for his Omicron booster.

Except for Manson, every other person in this group is Jewish. I usually never mention that part; I refer to them by their more accurate name - NEPHILIM. However, I am making a point. I hope this lands correctly on those who still are brainwashed. Every person in this group is a blood drinking serial killer. All well known to the public.

The T-shirt and skirt she is wearing is of Marjorie Cameron, who, with Jack Parsons incarnated several incubus children doing alamantra rituals. She was considered a true scarlet woman,  as Crowley called her before his death. Kenneth Anger used her in several of his satanic films and proudly boasted of having slaughtered countless children with her in ritual.

And that's what I'm trying to teach you. This is where you surrender in repentance and ask Christ into your life.

The man who was, is not, yet will be. an IS, in our times. He is the antichrist back again.

See the altar and tiled floor. This is a ritual kill room.

Nasty Nephy dyke.

Look what's on the wall behind this nasty blood drinker. CHILDREN FIRST. Do you understand yet?


I just love it when Our Father shows His Hand


OMICRON = AYIN the 15th Letter of ancient Hebrew Alphabet to which’s symbol = EYE 👁. We know these Vipers are seeking to over take the Host Body System; hence it makes me wonder if this OMICRON Variant is actually Phase III of Rockefeller Operation Lockstep to which will create Zombie Apocalypse. OMICRON Movie speaks of an Alien taking over the Host of an Earthy Human. Then you have OMIKRON - David Bowie video game which speaks of Demon taking over host body.

Then you have all these Predictive Programing Sci-Fi movies of their placing Proboscis type VRIL Parasites in Folks eyes to which takes over the Host Body. Perhaps OMICRON Variant is a parasite similar to VRIL which enters the eye to take over Host Body? Then you also have OMICRON Anagram “oncomIR” which others have pointed out. I think the above is an obvious stretch but makes one think; when we don’t know what is pouring in from their opening Chemtrail Gateway Portals to outer-darkness (SPECTRES?); nor know what parasites are found in Gates GMO Mosquitos, JAB’s or placed in our Water Supplies, etc.



Wow. Right in your face, in the video game. Nomad (damon) soul.

Lilith, Astarte, Ishtar, Astaroth, Jezebel, this is what this variant booster's demonic is.

Pray before watching for Christ's shield and blessing. Imagery within at the end is wholly demonic, but drives home the point. 

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Jacob Frank

Jacob Frank (יעקב פרנק Ya'akov Frank, Jakob Frank) (1726 - 1791) was an eighteenth-century Jewish religious leader who claimed to be the successor or reincarnation of the self-proclaimed Messiah Sabbatai Zevi and eventually led his followers into the ranks of Islam.

Frank saw himself as the successor of Sabbatai Zevi, the mystical Jewish leader who, in the mid-seventeenth century, succeeded in gaining the support of a large portion of world Jewry for his claim to be the Messiah. After Sabbatai's apparent apostasy to Islam, a substantial number of Jews accepted the claim that this act was an act of tikkun, the kabbalistic notion of restoration, which would enable many Muslims to accept Sabbatai's teachings and pave the way for the establishment of an independent Israel. Sabbatai himself established a Jewish-Islamic sect in Turkey that survived his death, known as Donmeh.

Messianic at the end of the seventeenth century assumed mystical colorings, possibly under the influence of the Rosicrucian movement in Germany. In Polish-owned Ukraine—particularly in Podolia and Galicia—numerous secret societies of Sabbateans had continued to exist even after Sabbatai's death.

The members of these societies discarded some aspects of Jewish religious laws and custom. The mystical sect of the later Sabbateans reportedly included both asceticism and sensuality: Some did penance for their sins, subjected themselves to self-inflicted pain, and "mourned for Zion;" others disregarded the strict rules of modesty required by Judaism, and at times were accused of being licentious. The Polish rabbis repressed the movement and attempted to ban the "Sabbatean heresy" at the assembly at Lemberg in 1722, but could not fully succeed, as it was still widely popular among the nascent Jewish middle class.

The heyday of Frank's movement occurred during a period of the loss of relative social and economic stability among European Jews in the late 1770s, resulting from the Koliyivshchyna rebellion, an uprising of Ukrainian peasantry that resulted in many Polish and Jewish casualties. At the same time, it capitalized on the modernizing tendencies of the Enlightenment Era among the Jewish middle class, which rejected strict Talmudism and sought an accommodation with Christian Europe.


Omicron Futurama 1999

Everything but the needle...
  • The invaders have slits for eyes.
  • Reptoid nephilim chimeras.
  • They are going to eat our children, by group.
  • Their space ships look somewhat like coronavirus.
  • It's an invasion to take then consume.

We have a winner!


Have a good day

Have a good day

Don Bradley

A nice notion; a pleasant way to say goodbye, right? 

Sounds legit.

Talmudic Canaanites to this day have used this phrase of parting or greeting to commemorate the great slaughters of antiquity, in which they performed their depredations upon a village, town, city, or nation. Bathing in the blood of the nearly dead, this is what they SHOUT.

They've turned it into the most commonly said phrase used today.

Remarkable, isn't it? How ALL the isms, slangs, etc of our time have some reality in the dark side and their hatred of anything that isn't satanic/demonic. They used one of their most evil actors, Tom Hanks, to sell it further still and mocking both us, the goy, and YHVH, by so doing. 

Have a nice day.

This began, during the time of Esther in that same book, that ended with a great judean victory, which the Babylonian Jews also known as Pharisees hijacked as THEIR story. They celebrate that with a NON BIBLICAL feast called PURIM. From that time till now, that has been their coded go to catch phrase whenever they slaughter any goy under any circumstance, either the individual or the nation. Esther is the only book in the bible that does not mention Adonai (God).

What it means.

It is a coded word that the person's day--that day--have the death of a goy or non Canaanite's blood on their hands. That's how sick these creatures are. What can you expect from the bloodline of Lucifer, after all. Now that the Canaanites have attained such enormous economic and political power in the United States, they have instructed all of their gentile employees in the vast networks of retail grocery, drug and apparel stores which they own throughout the the world that they must greet each customer by saying, Have a good day. It's practically codified into retail operations and in fact, when there is customer contact of any kind, that's how employees are instructed to end contact. As they do, to one another.

When reading rabbinical literature, as I do to get what they are on about from time to time, they have entire chapters, from certain rabbis going way back, dedicated to how delicious and wonderful the slaughter of the goyim is for them. It's some pretty sick stuff. Not only does this not phase them in the least, it is in fact, a huge part of their reality and from the days of Carthage and earlier.

Mullins has this to say about it.

"Today, the dark shadow of imminent tragedy looms over every Christian,because of their fear of the Canaanites, and because of their instinctive knowledge, like penned cattle in a slaughterhouse, that the Canaanite intends to kill them for his profit."

Can anyone say, VAX WEAPON MURDER?

It's one we've learned at some cost, have we not?

Isn't it time to come out of Babylon, in every way? Stop using their words, like vaccine and replace with the truth of the thing, weapon. When they say mask mandate; we say satanic trans ritual(yep.) When they say lock down, the truth is imprison. For that is what we are being conditioned for; endless imprisonment. First of the mind, then of the body. Remember, it's a psyop war at first; then the bullets and bombs and raids.

They conceal with words; we reveal with truth.

There it is.


This is what they have done to our world and we are "tolerant" of it or be destroyed. That's how they do. Oh, and have a nice day, right? Right?

The Unweaponized are now Codified for the FEMA DEATH Camps

We have the processing code


The rivers will flow with the blood of the non believers. Cornholio

It's not enough for them to lock us out of schools and work...and finally gas and food. They want all non weaponized DEAD. Satan insists upon it. By hook or crook, he wants only the damned walking the earth.

And as everyone is just waiting for this to happen, he'll get it, too.



New? Omicron Variant was going to be unleashed in May 2022

Omicron Booster into Hell

Don Bradley

They moved it up. Remember the Klaus pic I put up early in the year and the variant chart that was published on this site in late summer 2020? JS put the two together and now we have...

This is ALL A PLANNED GENOCIDE of the human race, with DNA targeting specific racial groups THEY WANT WIPED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH. 

The real VARIANT is NOT a virus, but the booster shot of Death and Demonic they want in our bodies. That's the great truth of "variants." It's the injections. It was always the injections, not some mythical virus wandering around Saharan villages in Sudan, that is now spreading.

Can't anyone see this. They are repeating Jan/Feb's 2020 playbook of a deadly virus moving around on planes and cruise ships. Listen to what they've been saying since the last FULL MOON, when they started all this Omicron Death Virus blather. That spell and hexing won't have the same effect as it did 2 years ago. Too many are aware, are with Christ, and now see all this as an effrontery to their intelligence.

Please see this for what it is and wake up as many as you can. That they moved this up, means they are changing their own playbook to get things done in a hurry, the little stinkers. Anyone wants to booster you is a murderer trying to kill you and is no different then someone breaking into your house to rape and murder your family.
Watch for an ORAL WEAPON as the solution; something they can easily stick in food and drinks; no more needles. 

Look below at Omikron The Nomad God. Reverse Nomad - damon, demon.

David Bowie - the Borg Variant. 1999; that's how long this was planned. Predictive Programming. This death cycle and variants and all the ugly details have been in the can for years and years. The Nomad Soul? Damn...


Same playbook, starts in NYC and SanFran.


One of the killers down under, expressing his disdain for resistors to the weapon.