Monday, January 20, 2020

Trannies regret the surgery every time

Shadow-Banned by the Satanic Network, when they want their agenda moved forward

I have been shadow-banned since the 1990s, long before the term became a brand/meme. I then and now call it black listing. For that is what it truly is. Being black listed in all ways and things, not just in the public release of information via articles and the like. If you are being shadow banned, believe me, it's every aspect of your life. All those little "coincidences" aren't that at all. It's the machinery of the Deep State, Globalist Satanic Empire making sure you go nowhere, are unable to be or do anything that moves your life forward, and keeps you in a state of poverty.

That's the real reality of shadow banning. Everything about you is banned, not just your 1st amendment rights.

Below is someone else's experience with shadow banning and I've put his ongoing experience here for reference. He does not know that banning extends to every part of his life and forever. Because you see...once you get on the devil's shit never get off, even if you do everything in your power to  be a good little, obedient droid. As some are trying to do...but not I.

Forever...believe it. 

How can you turn your back on Yeshua? Or YHVH?  And then expect all the blessings to continue? Although...their mercy and compassion looks beyond such a stupid move to the larger picture. You still get burned by the satanic network and you find, Dad and Yeshua were always there, looking out for you, regardless of your blunders in your walk.


Don Bradley


Renaming a brand that has a deserved bad reputation not just by multilayered design and production incompetence , but also cover up is really another form of censorship, ie.,  withholding critical information that the public would like to be aware of. I would like to see an essay on the various forms of censorship by individuals who know more than I about this topic.

All I can say is that at least You Tube (owned by Google) openly announces its decision to "delist" or  "defund" an entity it wishes to censor. But then there are more subtle ways, like "pushing down" a  site on a Google search so that a viewer is very unlikely to ever see it, despite its former popularity as demonstrated by the number of hits, likes, and subscribers it gets.
Then there is my case where I posted negative but well sourced/documented Google reviews of certain lawyers in KY, the KY Bar Association , The Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure, hospitals in Elizabethtown KY and Elizabeth City NC involving patient deaths and egregious differences in treatment of doctors, denial of due process, abuse of summary judgment, rejection of time honored straightforward statutes that were even cited by the Commissioners, Hearing Officers (administrative law judge) and trial judges in their opinions and then completely ignored in a blatant demonstration of  de facto law.  This was repeated in the Appellate courts in KY. The incompetence (being charitable), corruption, and coverup is mind boggling. It helped if one of these many attorney's brother was a KY State senator. 

Even when I tried to cite the specifics of each accusation, case law, case number, statute, court location, judge etc., none of which can refuted, my Google posts under H Zilla were shadowbanned.  I see them on my computer and think they have been made public, but it turns out that Google has secretly, without my knowledge, blocked them so that no one else will ever see them.

I have randomly asked my computer service tech, various service agents from AT&T's cell phone service , a lawyer's secretary, a Best Buy computer salesman, my three brothers who are engineers what is shadow-banning.  They have no idea. I had no idea until I became curious after initially posting my 1 star review on my former attorney's web site. She had no reviews at the time. Then  suddenly five  more reviews appeared, all of them 5 stars. Her average rating was now 5 full stars.  That alerted me how that could be when I had posted a 1 star review. And from there, I asked my brothers and a few friends to search this lawyer's web site. My review had been  hidden/blocked as had all my other reviews.  I am not sure but suspect Facebook has done the same with my posts on the NC Medical Board's site, specifically addressing the extortion and fraud I experienced by its proxy, the NC Physicians Health Program. I imagine being exiled three months to an out of state  "treatment center" and threatened with loss of your NC Medical license if you don't comply with their program of treatment: AA, 12 Step, Caduceus, drug screenings when you have never had a DUI, positive drug screen in your life, nor  any rumor, inference or finding by three sets of experts by the NC Medical Board, hospital staff, the public or anyone of ever having been a drug addict or alcoholic. People who know me  all the way back to high school and college will confirm I am a teetotaler.    I have posted reviews on YELP of the above entities which hopefully won't be blocked , although the state  medical licensure  boards have no YELP searchable posting site. 

And very few people understand shadow-banning. 

This is occurring on a grander scale in the impeachment hearings, DOJ/FBI investigations, Spygate etc. With the printing press, at least one was alerted to whether his article had been published or not. But with the interent, it has become the ultimate  propaganda tool. You may think you have access to information. You don't , not all.  Just like in law. They have State Bar Associations, lawyers, judges, court, statutes on the books- all to make you think there is rule of law. There isn't, or as  I said in my book, in airplane parlance, " if the landing gear fails to deploy 10% of the time, I simply can not fly that airplane. The gear need to deploy 99.99% of the time." The same goes with law. If it is so random, capricious, arbitrary and corrupt, you simply can not rely on it. It becomes useless.

I am not a lawyer, but it seems to me that there has to be a civilian watchdog, a second arm, like Judicial Watch or an inspector general, to chaperone every legal decision and alert the public.  The lawyers and judges  are for all practical purposes held to no standard of competence. You can not sue them. I tried, and no matter how material your evidence, it will never be allowed to see the light of day through abuse of summary judgment which will get them off every time. The only thing you will be left with is: 

"You just didn't have a good lawyer."

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Voice of angels

When Gracie the cat heard this, she went up to the speaker by the printer and curled up right in front of it, a couple of inches away.

Ex Satanist Exposes How To Spot A Satanist And How They Trap You

"There are more satanists than Christians in the world right now" The satanists says...he's right. In my valley there are less than a dozen of Dad's people here, the children of Yahua Elohim. But as for witches and satanists...over 20,000.


Just like in the days of Jezebel and Elijah and other eras. We live in a time when The elect and those who are connected with the Holy Spirit are few compared to the many consciously aligned with evil.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Dogs protect babies. Feminists don't.

The closer you get to Dad

the more the world hates you. Especially those that "claim" they love you. For the Don Rule applies.

Nothing you do, no matter how kind, considerate, or deferential and loving matters, when those abouts you only see anything you do as a further reason to hate you.

I have differing expressions of this rule, but the meaning and intent remains the same. Get close to Dad, very close, and be all you can be to be all you know to be loving and they will scorn, ridicule, and despise you. And those that claim love, only express sneering contempt - the lowest form of hatred.

I have personal experience in this. In ways that make me sick and weeping.

Even those that see it happening to you and offer solace, succomb to it as well, for their hearts remain as far from the light as the others.

This does not mean these people are evil, bad, and the like. It's just that...they themselves stopped themselves from getting closer to the heart of Christ. It's a personal choice reject the urgings of the Holy Spirit, stops forward movement into His Heart. To listen, obey, and do all that you can do to act on His hints, moves you closer and forward. Their choice. Your choice. Choose wisely. Most don't. At some point, they rationalize NOT TO BE, rather than TO BE. And that's the brakes on the car towards the most High.

So, if you spend your life pursuing a relationship with Yahua and Yeshua, be ready for it. For one day, you will find that no matter what you say or do, they will find umbrage with it and use it as a reason to come at you viciously. I know.

I know

Don Bradley 1-17-2020

Super Bowl Sunday in 2020 is on Sunday, February 2

by Don Bradley

Traditionally and since the 1960s when they started this whole Super Bowl thing, the game was held always, always, always, on one of the last Sundays of JANUARY.


This year, like last year, they moved it to?

Super Bowl Sunday in 2020 is on Sunday, February 2

Which happens to be the EXACT DAY of the witches black sabbath of IMBOLC. Last year, they did it on the 3rd of February. Now, you might say, "see, not the day so its not about the sabbath thing." And you would be wrong.

See, in occult circles the sabbath and its energetic cycle is ALWAYS 72 HOURS. Day before, day of, and day after. You land on any of those days, you're in the frequency. It's the same with Full Moons, a 3 day period. It's the same with ANY OCCULT BLACK SABBATH.

Only YHVH's holy appointed days and festivals that the precise day is the PRECISE DAY and no other. These are known as the moedim or appointed times. On top of that is also, what time of day and so on. Our Father is quite precise about his festivals. The satanic hierarchy...not so much.

When you add up all the stuff going on during Dad's Moedim, it's staggering. And...this kind of endless unique stuff has never before happened in history.

But their reasoning is sound, because they have been taught by the fallen of the Elohim that the energetic presence of each cycle is actually present for a 3 day period. So, they take advantage of it. This allows them to worship the Beast in such a way as to be stealthy about it. If they were as precise as Dad, the whole world would notice many hundreds of millions all disappearing each sabbath and full moon at the same time and they would be exposed for what they are. Their big deal is in hiding what they are, pretending to be just like any old neighbor or christian or whatever, so that they can use that deception to bring about the Beast system with no one the wiser that they have their dirty blood stained fingers in the pie of evil.

Accordingly, you can bet the half time and commercials being played - the most watched commercials EVER each year - will all have satanic themes in excess. Searchers like myself have noticed that in the last 2 decades every single one of the Super Bowl half times and commercials were so blatantly satanic and full of FUTURE agenda plans, as to be sickening.

They do this because they must tell us the evil they do, before they do it. It is written, and by example by the Most High Himself, that He does nothing that doesn't inform the world first. They have to abide by the laws of Yahua Elohim. For He is the creator. Doesn't matter how much they lie about it or resent that fact, they too, ARE UNDER THE LAW. We all are, regardless of what religious dogma we are programmed with. 

There are those in the network that compile the commercials with the half time show and make annual videos of it. Because of the law. I once talked with a woman a dozen years ago in canyon country...little old lady...and she told me she watched the Super Bowl. Only football she ever saw or cared about. I was surprised and asked why. Because of the commercials, she said. This was before the days of CensorshipTube. They all do. 

It also telegraphs to the covens their plans for the year. They hide in plain sight their intentions and are taught to READ BETWEEN THE LINES. Some are quite adept at it. ALL CHRISTIANS AND THE REST OF HUMANITY is totally blind to what is happening that day.

You can also bet that because the game is on a black sabbath, something special will be given over about their plans. Our job is to look for it, watch for it, and discern.

This is what Super Bowl in our era IS REALLY ABOUT. Not the ball game. Those days are past. It's now a satanic holiday of communication of dark agendas. And very  few are the wiser

Things to watch for
  • Stupid and incompetent white men being bested by saving the day lesbian women and minorities of all stripes. (as they did the last 14 years running)
  • Hillary for President
  • Orange man Bad and his assassination (as they did last year)
  • gun control
  • Greta
you get the idea

But also, there will be dark agenda plans that are not so obvious. And then there are the timestamp codes. Those are tougher. But it reveals their plans and dates for certain things. Previous such examples were the Orange revolution, the Purple revolution, etc. These are all coven designed global operations that we were led to believe were organic things that just happened? Really? Color revolutions? And over and over again.

Two years ago one of their telegrams was YELLOW VEST. If you can find any existing SB videos from that year (I believe it was 2018 or 2017) it will jump out at you, now that you know what you are looking for.

Once you see this, you cannot unsee it ever again. And that's the best way. Go find an old collection and compare it to the year its done in. The agendas and plans will just jump out at you. Then you'll know. And football will never look the same again to you. Find them and download them now, before those older years are deleted. As they will



Tuesday, January 14, 2020

New writer hereabouts

Dear friends,

Lately, you've noticed some new articles by Morgan Franklin, of which I've said nothing. My thinking on this was to let the writing and Holy Spirit that comes through, stand on their own. For me, they have.

His stuff are the most read pieces for a solid week or more, with each new article. He writes in a tight, cogent and easy to understand way that easily conveys what he is inspired to write about. I enjoy what he has to say, because he comes straight to the point without a bunch of blathering opinion. He sticks to the facts and helps folks understand things.  A rare thing in our times. No agenda, just the reporting what he sees.

My line of country.

Of course he's not the only writer on this or other Dork blogs. But as regards Spiritual World, he's as honest in his writing as they come. That means a great deal to me. 

I've always put up articles, even with obvious flaws and errors, by others. Because...the information that was factual and helpful out weighed the errors and was important. With Morgan, I find no errors.

It is my hope he will continue to submit more stuff for publication and go deeper into the world of spirit, as he himself moves deeper into the world of spirit. 

After all, the name of this site is OUR SPIRITUAL WORLD.


Church Shenanigans Part 2

The Daily Messenger: Church Shenanigans Part 2: Church Shenanigans Part 2 (Part 1: Signs of the beast in Lutheran church ) Author: Morgan Franklin Church 1

Church Shenanigans Part 2

(Part 1:
Signs of the beast in Lutheran church)

Author: Morgan Franklin

Church 1
After my
experience at the Lutheran Church I decided to plan visits at other
churches around my town. The first church I wanted to visit was the most
known mega church in the richest area of my town.
So I woke up Sunday morning December 29th to get to the 10 o’clock
service. When I pulled up to the parking lot it seemed oddly vacant
except for about eight cars in the corner of the lot. I did arrive at
9:30 so I was a bit early but it did seem odd that
no one was around since this place can fill quite a few people. So I
decided to check their website on my phone to see if they posted
anything about a cancellation today. I didn’t see anything on the
website but a few search results down I saw that their was
an article in 2014 about the head of production at the church was
arrested for raping two boys under the age of seven. Also, a few years
ago there was a report that one of the pastors at this church committed
(Possibly murdered by the church association on behalf of pedophilia

While I was
sitting in my car I was seeing cars pull up and people were getting out
and walking up to the door and peering in, then to just leave after they
realized that it looked closed. I saw a women
walking up to the building and I decided that I’ll follow her up to the
church. So, we were looking through the windows and everything was dark
inside and all the doors locked. While we were checking all the front
doors, I herd a child crying inside. Now what
would a child be doing inside a blacked out closed down church on a
Sunday. With the knowledge and history of this sinister church, nothing
good. While I walked back to the parking lot, there are more people
walking up to the church to attend the service.
They were all flustered when they saw that It was closed without any
notice on the website or any postings around the building. To wrap this
up: This Church shut their doors for the last service of the year for
possibly child rape/pedophilia. This isn’t shocking
since satanists run the church system now.

Church 2
Since there
wasn’t a service I wanted to attend another church. So about 5 minutes
away is a Four-Square Pentecostal Mega church. I arrived for their 11
o’clock service. They started with the standard
“7/11” Christian music for about 30 minutes with everybody singing.
Then directly after the music they play a video on their T.V. screens
about all tithes and donations that need to be mailed before December
31st. Then the pastor comes on stage and pretty
much repeats what was presented in the video. They just want to take
your money. Churches now aren’t even ashamed of rubbing it in your face.
Then the pastor gave his prophetic word about the new year and how you
should worship God everyday this coming year.
The speech was so shallow that he only quoted two verses of scripture
that he didn’t even present on the screen and their are no bibles in the
seating either. So no-one could check and see if he is quoting the
scripture correctly.
Next, the pastor chose
people to give their testimonies on how God affected their life
through out the year. Now, why didn’t he choose a more standard number
like 5, I’ve never herd anyone choose 6 people out of a crowd for
anything (Seemed odd to me). Wonder if I go back to
more services there and see how many more times they use 6 for things.
Other then that nothing stood out at this church other then the common
lukewarm church doctrine. But, I was studying the church logo for a bit
after I left the service. It made no sense,
just appeared to be a scribble with no relation to YHVH or Yeshua at
all. Until, I realized It was a “6” laying on it’s side. [Image A]

Church 3
The following
Wednesday on January 1st, I went to an evening service at a smaller
local church. There is a line out side to get in and they were playing
EDM Dubstep Christian music on the outside sound
system while people waited (This is just wrong on so many levels). I
went through the line and entered the church. It was set up like a
concert venue with lights and a massive LED screen that took up the
whole background of the stage. I sat down in my seat
and they started with the 7/11 Christian music for about 30 minutes.
Then the pastor entered the stage and started to give a speech on
prayer. He was stating that everyone should pray in spirit and not with
the flesh. Now I was hoping that he might be addressing
praying in spirit as praying in silence/secret as stated in Matthew
6:6. Nope, he said praying in the flesh was praying in an earthly
language (English,Spanish, German etc.) and praying in tongues
(Babbling) was the heavenly language. I’ve never herd a bigger
load of sh*t in my life, he’s teaching people that heaven sounds like a
bunch of demon possessed drunkards. Then he started to train the crowd
on how to speak in tongues and he was orchestrating them to all pray in
tongues out loud all at once. Im sitting
there witnessing all of this and you can help to feel bad for all the
Sheep that are being mislead for unsound doctrine.

After the
prayer in tongues, the pastor chose a new visiter in the church out from
the crowd. He was a skinny white guy about the age of 32. The pastor
started to give the guy a public phychic reading
in front of the crowd as if he possessed clairvoyance or the gift of
prophecy. The pastor put his hands on the guy and started the “reading”.
He first mentioned that the guy was a teacher or really enjoyed
teaching people. Then he said that he had a passion
for business and that he is really business oriented. When the pastor
was done he asked the guy what his occupation was and he said he was a
“Nurse”. As the pastor noticed that the reading didn’t align at all with
a nurse, he started to flip the
reading so that the nurse was going to get a promotion soon and that he
need to ground himself more to achieve it. This pastor was so far from
the truth and everyone still ate it up.

Next, the
Pastor wanted to get everyone to get anointed by God in the audience.
How they did it was so shallow and lacked any spiritual purpose. He had
about 10 volunteers with anointing oil on their
hands and while they are playing their christian rock music the whole
congregations walk up to the stage and shook their hands. Then pastor
says once it’s done “You all have been anointed by God tonight”. I bet
they baptize with wet wipes if that was their
anointing ceremony. Terrible. 
He goes in to
his prophetic word for the service which was actually quite decent. A
“new year new me” type of speech about getting closer to God using lots
of scripture. He used about 25 verses and displayed
the verses on the T.V. I was impressed with the speech to say the
least. But can’t be a modern church service if you didn’t shove
donations and tithes in everyone’s face. So they ended the service with
passing the buckets around for money etc. The pastor ended
the service on saying:  “The devil wouldn’t want you to give money”
regarding on donating to them. Now he is guilting people to give them
money, how cruel. He is not a man of YHVH. He is a man of the God of
this world.

Note: I go into
every church with eyes to see and ears to hear. I pray to Dad every
time before I enter to expose this church to me. Try it for yourself,
YHVH will expose the evil.