Thursday, June 24, 2021

Full Moon Southern Exit



Yesterday was a long day of wonderful fellowship with a brutal drive up the coast and back. When I finally got home at 7.30PM I was beat and was asleep by 8. Six hours later at 2am, I wake up refreshed, but on the wrong side of the day. However, I got up anyways to have a cup of decaf and review the happy day just passed.

It's full moon today, and in looking for it in the usual place found it barely above the southern horizon at about 192 degrees south. Which was and is, shocking. I've seen low full moons in the past, but never this low or already leaving the sky, as this obviously was. 

I thought I had time to take the picture, another 3 hours for the usual full moon set and sunrise as it always usually does. Not today. It set at 3.30AM, at about 192 degrees southerly. Which is nearly dead south and four hours too early. Wow.


In trying to get a pic, I waited about 20 minutes or so and when I went to get my proof the last sliver was just leaving the horizon. Wow. 

It was too late.

Anyways, I'm sure every moon watcher this morning asked the question, "where is the moon?"

Now you know.


PS If it weren't for being blasted out tired from the happy day in spirit, I would not have been awake to catch this. All things work toward His Purposes. 

Moonrise tonight in the deep south east


Biblical Tree Remains 2

UFO Religion Is About To Go Mainstream - Nimrod/BAAL worship


The upcoming Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force report, due to arrive in Congress on Friday, signals a religious sea change in America. Meanwhile, the media’s campaign to normalize UFOs is seeding our minds with alien life forms.

Which, as we know, are only alien to what is Holy, Good, and True. These demonics are being programmed into our minds as our saviors, because YHVH's creation is so screwed up, is their claim.

As such, we are witnessing a fringe mythology rise up from moldy basements to explode across the prestige press. Their push into this is full force with 70 years of lies, films, and distortions of every truth to fit this ALIEN CARD agenda.

The psychologist Carl Jung wrote in 1957, at a time when “flying saucers” were being spotted all over the planet, “We have here a golden opportunity of seeing how a legend is formed, and how in a difficult and dark time for humanity a miraculous tale grows up of an attempted intervention by extra-terrestrial ‘heavenly’ powers.” Half a century later, these celestial entities have hit the big time.

This is all by design. To manipulate us all toward a desired outcome that the satanic nephilim elite and their minions in government want for their NWO leader, Nimrod.

On June 8, the former director of the U.S. government’s latest, no-longer-secret UFO program, Luis Elizondo, told the Washington Post he’s convinced these aerial phenomena are “beyond next generation technology…50 to 1,000 years ahead of us.” Naturally, he postulated extraterrestrials. But it only got weirder from there. “This could be something that is extra hyper dimensional,” he speculated, “in a quantum physics sense. We know that the universe is full of shortcuts and loopholes.”

Wow, what a load of nonsense and lies. And we pay this deranged psychopath a salary?

Heavenly beings from the great beyond? Sounds eerily familiar.

This relentless messaging is comparable to CIA operatives going on national television to announce that Catholic relics really do possess spiritual powers, or that Hindu idols are literal windows to the gods. The only difference is that Luis Elizondo, along with numerous former intelligence agents, are bolstering a materialist, tech-obsessed worldview. If there are no deities up in heaven, that means human beings are the smartest entities in the universe—unless we’re not alone. 

These CIA assets have a satanic agenda they are pushing on the world because it's time to do so. It's all about creating sympathetic feelings for the damned ahead of time, so we fall into line and welcome these abominations happily. Just like they did with the ERA and Gloria Steinem in destroying the family with gay and feminism programming. 

Now it's aliens. Same procedure, same tactics.

In recent years, the idea of god-like aliens has taken possession of the American psyche.

A 2019 Gallup poll found that “33% of U.S. adults believe that some UFO sightings [are] alien spacecraft visiting Earth from other planets or galaxies.” To put that in context, Evangelical Protestants are only twenty-five percent of the U.S. population. Catholics make up only twenty percent. These lost sheep are waiting for something--anything--to believe in that does not require repentance and decency. They want to worship corruption as they are corrupt.

In a nation where a quarter of the population reject organized religion, there’s a huge spiritual vacuum waiting to be filled. That empty vessel is now swarming with gray aliens, Enochian demons, and demonic tricksters, all sloshing around a postmodern punch bowl of cherry-picked deities that insist upon human sacrifice.

Weaving a Modern Myth. A package of lies and half truths. The CIA and JCS programs of conditioning proceed apace.

Following her best-selling book on UFOs, HuffPost writer Leslie Kean unleashed the 2017 hit Surviving Death: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for an Afterlife. In it, she describes various paranormal activities as being real, from séances to psychic powers. In a reverential blurb, New York Times reporter Ralph Blumenthal gushed like a town drunk at a tent revival: “Leslie Kean is our Orpheus, descending into the Netherworld to grapple with the most ancient of mysteries.” Leslie Kean is a CIA Asset. It's even on her resume. They don't care that you know. What does that tell you?

Coincidentally, a dot-connecting Vox article explains that Kean and Blumenthal are the informants behind the current wave of mainstream UFO reporting. It all began with a front-page New York Times exposé, published in December of 2017, which revealed the existence of the Defense Department’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), led by Luis Elizondo. Two years later, the Pentagon ended its 70-year policy of UFO denial and confirmed that three recent Navy videos—dubbed TICTAC, GIMBLE, and GOFAST—are authentic and unexplained. A few weeks ago, after hoisting rainbow flags for Pride Month, the Pentagon upped the ante, stating that these purported vehicles are definitely not the product of secret U.S. technology. These are the pied pipers of the damned. And people believe this crap.

It fits. They have been brainwashed since an early age with Star Trek and Star Wars. That kind of programming at a young age and reinforced year after year, is powerful. It works. It's why they do it.

If the infrared images are of actual aircraft ripping across the sky at impossible speeds, there can only be two explanations. They’re either piloted by non-human beings or some superior technology like the TR3B Astro, an anti gravity device produced by Lockheed.

The most compelling incidents, he explained, have eyewitness accounts from multiple expert fighter pilots, as well as radar, infrared, and gun-camera imaging. Knuth’s 2019 paperEstimating Flight Characteristics of Anomalous Unidentified Aerial Vehicles” describes maneuvers that would be unthinkable with any known technology. When I asked if his analysis serves as proof of alien starships, Knuth replied:

“At this point, we don’t have enough data to conclusively rule out all the hypotheses. But from the eyewitness reports and radar returns, some of these things appear to be craft. In the case of the USS Nimitz encounter, the objects were well-observed by at least six pilots and they all described the same thing—a TicTac-shaped object with white protrusions on the bottom.”

This is in addition to radar detection and the widely publicized infrared imaging.

“So in some of these cases,” he continued, “we can say pretty reasonably that some of these objects are craft. And some of them have exhibited anomalous accelerations—well over 100g. If you were able to perform that acceleration in space, and maintain it for any period of time, it wouldn’t take you very long to get up to a reasonable fraction of the speed of light. So I think it’s reasonable to consider that they could be spacecraft.”

I’m no rocket scientist, so Knuth’s explanation sounds plausible to my layman ears. But what if they’re not spacecraft at all? 

Let's face it. These things in the sky and for decades since WW2 after we grabbed the German Hannebue technology are what we've been building ever since. In all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Liberal Fruitcakes from Space. 

In his paper, Knuth touches on the possibility that these UFO reports are just a series of elaborate fabrications. If that’s the case, the current wall-to-wall publicity campaign can only be interpreted as a sinister psychological operation. And really, it wouldn’t be out of character.

For over a year the dishonest media has actively covered up the vax weapon reality of COVID-19. This is the same media that refuses to name the perpetrators behind the recent wave of anti-Asian hate crimes, while simultaneously repeating the phrase “deadly insurrection” like it’s a magic spell.

So why wouldn’t they lie about UFOs, too? Of course they do. All they do is lie, deceive, and lead us all down the path of ruin AND WE LET THEM.

Given the media’s routine parroting of federal agencies, they’ve either been lying for the last 70 years by ridiculing the lived experience of UFO spotters, or they’re lying now to disseminate the idea of under worldly superpowers.

Down here on Earth, the reality of extraterrestrial visitors or inter-dimensional invaders from the pit may be irrelevant—especially in terms of religious culture. Until little green men convene with the gray alien currently occupying the Oval Office, what matters most is narrative control.

And whose to say that isn't the case already?

Are these demonic powers depicted as friends or foes? Do they shut down our nuclear sites to avert a planetary holocaust, or to disable our defenses? Is their mission to probe our minds—and if so, why do so many abductees claim they’re approaching the task from the wrong end?

This is so because abductions by the demonic are only interested in breeding programs SO THAT THEY CAN WALK AROUND IN THE SUNLIGHT. That's it. That's all. 

They greys do not want peace, they want death.

They do not want healing and unity, they want discord and suffering.

They want to mangle and mutilate the most precious of our Father's creation, us his human family. They see us as the very embodiment of his spirit, our body the temple of the Most High. Our destruction is the best they can achieve, AGAINST HIM.

We are the targets, not beneficiaries of Fallen angel, demonics, and the hideous damned, the greys.

Truth or fallacy aside, whoever convinces the public they have the right answers will harness the cultural power of this alien narrative. In what looks like a coordinated effort, John Podesta, Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Leslie Kean, and Ralph Blumenthal have all stepped into a spotlight beaming down from some distant flying saucer. On the whole, their prophetic message is that we are not alone in the universe, and there is nothing to fear.

You have everything to fear from these evil freakish abominations. I recently put up a video of a day walker. Want that for a neighbor, prowling around your backyard at night seeking a way in?

It’s like fleet of flying saucers has crashed into the crumbling foundations of our ancient temples, and gender-fluid freaks are emerging from the debris.

Don Bradley

Friday, June 18, 2021

Juneteenth happens to fall on a witches Black Sabbath

Of course it does. Hence their eager hoopla in passing this abomination and enshrining it into law. So, now we are enshrining black sabbaths of the Nephilim damned.

They are calling it freedom day. As everything with these people, so called, is in opposites, it's real meaning is SLAVERY DAY. For that is what the demonic path is, one of increasing slavery to abominations of every kind of decency and goodness as we were MEANT to have.

Live long enough, you see it all.


The Biblical flood petrified the Nephilim Past

Millions of years...hahahahaha. So much of our history has been withheld from us. It is certainly not as they say. The truth is in the Holy Word of the Bible.

The angels betrayed our Father and His Creation. They still are. The Damned, the Fallen, they LIVE.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

This thing is...

 A another End Times indicator on display. How did Noah ever put up with this noise?

You are looking at a demonic. Notice the eyes are completely blacked out. Understand?

I hope you do. These things are coming out. 


Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Critical Race Theory

Teaches children from kindergarten through High School, that ANYONE who believes in God, or YHVH or Christ is IN A CULT and is mentally ill.

That's what these satanic women teach. That also have illicit affairs (a dozen every year are arrested for child molestation, that we know of) with small boys and girls. They also tell any girl who likes basketball, she's probably a tranny and in the wrong body.

This is CRT. This is wholly satanic and evil.

The beast has declared war on our children.

Fight them. Stop them.


Witches, giving satanic signs and tokens of allegiance to the blasphemous ones

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

For FlynnPaws

 Thank You

Do you not understand what is happening to you?



You must see. You must understand. Please. 

For your life, your soul, the people you love and care about.

Remember, we are brethren.

If we do not hear, see, and know, then we are lost, lost.

Do you not understand? 

Sunday, June 13, 2021

They're Waiting for the Perfect Moment

It's Michael who stands up and releases the final end of things. This is a great deal closer than anyone might imagine. Very close.

Very few us alive will be so in 2025. 


Thursday, June 10, 2021

The Cave of Machpelah Part 2 the Evidence

In 1979, Ron Wyatt learned about some strange events that occurred at a friend's home in Hebron, Israel. He was working in Jerusalem and didn't want to stop work to go and investigate. When he finally went and talked with the family that lived there, what he learned gave him cause to believe something very significant took place at that site. He wasn't able to return until 1993. At that time, he saw the evidence which confirmed his earlier belief that the Cave of Machpelah was on that land. This video presents a broad overview of the evidence which he believed pointed to that  conclusion.

Fallen from any kind of Grace...


Sunday, June 6, 2021

USA Today reports Hybrid babies

Hybrid babies...Chimeras...Rakes...Monsters.

This conditioning. To get people's minds used to seeing chimeric hybrids and rakes. Which in their minds, will make these abominations more acceptable.



Saturday, June 5, 2021

Gestapo escalates tactics to locate Targeted Pastors in hiding

DO NOT hold services at the church so they can't arrest you and keep harassing you like Pastors Artur Pawlowski and James Coates. Turn off your phone and leave it with a trusted person where you're not staying or have someone take it to your house and put it inside. REMOVE YOUR PETS from your house so they can't take them by saying they're being neglected with you not being home, have them stay with a trusted person. Have someone cut the grass regularly at your house so it doesn't get long and give these tyrants a reason to say your property is unmaintained, a hazard that allows pest and bug infestation and write you citations for it.

Go completely underground and have a church service at a different place every week. Create a text message and phone call chain so only one person is informing someone else where the service will be, this will make it nearly impossible to track. If friends and family that don't live in the area are included in the phone chain this will make it much more difficult for them to track. Also when sharing the location info on a phone call the people on the call shouldn't say their names or anything personally identifiable about themselves to make it more difficult to know who is calling who.

Don't use the word church. Use a common phrase that's more difficult to track, lets go for coffee with date & time, or want to go shopping (to the park, for a walk) etc with date & time. Making this as difficult as possible for these tyrants and traitors will further expose them, with more people in the public taking notice and talking about it.

Only communicate through other people and pick a new common name or thing for people to refer to you by. So if they monitor communication of your friends and family these tyrants won't know it's you they're talking about. Common name idea's John, Paul, Mark, Tim, Joe, Bob, Jim, Tom, Bill, Will, Mike, make it more confusing by choosing a common woman's name. Object names to use for yourself: a fruit name, object like pencil, pen, chair, lamp, book etc.


Thursday, June 3, 2021


BLACK EYE of HORUS. The nephilim satanist monsters have an advancement ritual. The tell of having gone through it is a BLACK EYE.

Only the worst, baby killing blood drinkers advance to this level. When you see this in the elite, know they are not human.

They are the living enemies of mankind. They are NOT in the book of life, but reside wholly in the BOOK OF THE DAMNED.

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Alien False Flag

This phenomenon is US Government made which is produced by multiple low orbiting military satellites. In short, these satellites project high-definition holographic images by using 6 of the 7 electromagnetic waves in combination with both low and high light frequencies.

In more detail, specific wavelengths such as X-rays, ultraviolet radiation, visible light, infrared radiation, and radio waves are all focused to produce high output laser beams. Yes, all of these wavelengths are focused into its own lasers. Predefined images are mapped using these lasers, then overlapped in various combinations, and projected out, into a variety of shapes, images, and signals. This overlapping method (selectively) allows radar and other receivers like infrared to see them. Various light waves are used to detect and reflect signals while visible light is used to create the illusion in which all can be turned on or off at will, and in different combinations.

UAP's appear and disappear from what seems to be out of nowhere, along with their radar/infrared signatures by simply turning these lasers on and off in different combinations. They can scan across the sky giving the impression the "UAP" has traveled from zero to high-hypersonic in only seconds with no acceleration, propulsion, sound, or sonic boom. This technology has been around for a very long time and has improved greatly. The holographic images projected do pick up signals from its surrounding area. Their main mission is real time reconnaissance which receiving signals are displayed and monitored at remote locations. Many of today's well-known physicists are fully aware and briefed as to what this is. Therefore, you have zero interest from the scientific community.

Wernher Von Braun warned us of several false flags. Another one is on the horizon.

Alien invasion update

Alien invasion update

Don Bradley

I have a bit of news regarding how this is all going to go down. Apparently, and I guess thankfully, they plan on the dribble plan. This is where they do the whole “alien” thing in stages.

  • Release videos and disclose long standing discovery of the alien species.

  • More then, it's revealed they've had visits and contact with the species.

  • They introduce a few of the fellas.

  • They then reveal that indeed, they've been living among us for some time. They might even be your neighbors. This includes some high profile cases of these being shown to the world as people we thought were human, but surprise, they've been “helping" us all along.

  • Then the big reveal. They ARE your neighbors, politicians, actors, bankers, big to do types on the world stage.

  • They stop cloaking and come right out in the open. Surprise surprise, your wife, neighbor, best friend is an alien. Tada!

  • The fleet arrives.

It will be explained that they've been “trying” to “help” us, but you know how it is with those pesky, backward, orthodox Christian types? It's because of them you have drugs, wars, and evil. And if you just got rid of them, the world will be as one.

That's the plan.

It doesn't take much imagination to see how each of these reveal stages plays out. Those that warn will be silenced as the very bad people the “aliens” will be telling us about. The more we warn people, the more we will be the REAL EVIL ONES. And so it goes.

It's a smart way to do it. With each stage always presenting the issue of, well, “we can't interfere only suggest good things. It's those reactionary Christians who are the cause of drugs, prostitution, slavery, you name it. Christians will be setup and blamed for every evil deed and those we do not even know about.

Then the population will hunt us down, thinking they are doing God and humanity, a favor.

These are NOT aliens. They are varying types of demon ranks. From the low to the high. 

They have two scenarios. One where the aliens are the villains, and we are at war. Fleet overhead, a leader arises that claims to have the key to defeating them, if we unit as ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

The other is as discussed above.

Both plans are effective. Both end up with Christians being the reason we can't get along or get the job done.



PS. And why do we have to die? Because these demonics and the presence of the Holy Spirit cannot be in the same place, at the same time. They rage and go apey when these even look upon someone with the baptism of Yeshua's (Jesus) grace. 

Think a Karen times a 1000 but with super human strength and powers.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Nephilim Super Model Shifts on live TV 

That beauty that you see is a projection. Every time you see one of these "beautiful people" ask Yeshua/YHVH to reveal the truth of the matter. Most of the time, especially if they have money, it's a projection, hiding the snake form of the nephilim. The rest of the time, it's legit beauty.

After a time, you won't need the prayer. You have it as a feature of your beingness. 

First, it's seeing them as they are.

Then, smelling them as they are.

Finally, hearing them as they are.


Bette Davis was a nephilim witch 


Point I'm trying to make is, they've been around since the days of Cain. They pretend to be us, to rule over us. They've been leading the way to our destruction all along.

As a species and people, we've much to learn. And much cannot be said, because people still don't believe what is demonstrably true.

Der Greta's mom is a nephilim witch