Friday, April 19, 2019

ALL AT THE SAME TIME, Passover 2019

Passover and spiritual Timings

by Don Bradley

The Passover was an event in history when the Hebrew slaves in Egypt, after suffering slavery and punishment for 430 years for the many times sin of turning their back against the ONE TRUE GOD YHVH and serving Satan, were finally released and sent back to their lands in Judah And Israel.

The Passover simply means Passing Over. The Destroyer, sent by the Almighty to punish the Nephilim Egyptian first born after 9 previous plagues and warnings about releasing 2 million Hebrew slaves living in Goshen, passed over every home that had the blood of an unblemished and innocent lamb on the posts and lintel of their home.

This event was a pre-echo of the eventual Sacrifice made by the Son of YHVH, the creator, who gave up His Life voluntarily for the remission of ALL sins, errors, and blasphemies during the dreadful Day of YHVH, at the end of Earth's time, when judgment upon all comes. Almost ALL of the Torah and Old Testament were active indicators of this Great Redemption, whereby the Creator made atonement for the errors of Lucifer and The watchers, their offspring the Nephilim (disembodied, they are demons), and the descendants of Adam and Eve (who sinned by following these Fallen Angels) by His own Blood and suffering. This is amazing. The Creator Himself has and is taking upon Himself, the total horrors of these historical blasphemies, past and present, and their effect upon this plane for six thousand years, Himself. All we need do to earn this great gift, is accept the fact that He has done so.

One simply and truly says in the mind, body, and soul that Yeshua is the Son of YHVH, and I accept His sacrifice for my sins, past and present.

There is also a post-echo event of this Passover and Exodus, during which in the End of Days, a similar event to that in Egypt will take place. This involves the elements of both the original Passover in Egypt and Yeshua's sacrifice on Golgotha. In short, those who have the Holy Spirit, as received by the Blood of the Lamb-Yeshua-as part of their soul, will be passed over from destruction, as it comes to Earth in the form of Ten Judgements.

Full moon is indicated in the Holy Book of YHVH, the Bible, as a time pointer for harvests, timing of calendar events, etc, as well as spiritual signposts for the instruction of humanity in the night sky. Satanists use this time and energy for the very worst of their dark practices of slaughtering innocent children and drinking their blood. And often, very much worse. It is symbolic of fullness, completion of things, and a finishing.

The Sabbath is the Day of Rest. As YHVH, our Creator rested on the seventh day after making this world in which we and all life in corporeal reality live, so we too are instructed to make this day a day of rest, reflection upon the Will of YHVH, as it has been given to us via the Holy Bible. It is so important as our Father's Law of Living on this rock, that it is in the Ten Commandments. To sin, means to break one of these commandments. So, it matters. When is the Sabbath? Friday after sunset, through Saturday at sunset.

The Feast of Unleavened Bread, which is directly related to the Passover (Pesach in Hebrew), is the first of many Feasts between the Passover, the Great Sacrifice of YHVH's only begotten Son for our salvation, and the Exodus. It ties them all together and lasts for seven days.

The Feast of Unleavened Bread is a feast that is generally mistaken for Passover. Passover however is only one 24 hour period while Feast of Unleavened Bread lasts for seven days.

On the evening after Passover God told the Hebrew people exiting Egypt not to allow their bread to rise, but to grab everything and leave. The ancient peoples used to gather yeast on grape leaves to leaven their bread if they needed to speed up the process, but God said "Don't even let any leavening touch the dough. Just bake it and go."

Leavening symbolizes the sin as visited upon Earth by Lucifer and the Fallen Watchers, who came to Mount Hermon to bring sin upon this world and destroy creation. Leaving out leavening in baking bread simply means to live without any sin, as best as we can, in our lives.

For the first time in who knows how long, all of the above coincide, one with the other, starting April 18, 2019. When such alignments as these occur, we are reminded that there is a reason for this. The reason is right in front of our face, with the Full Moon, which as His Holy Word instructs us, means a completion of one thing or many things.

It also means the start of something new as well. This is self-evident in all life. As we complete on year of school we go to the next year or grade. Or even graduate. When a mother is pregnant with child, this is symbolized by her giving birth. The cycle of insemination and gestation is completed so that life for an incoming soul can begin on Earth.

May your Path to YHVH, via Yeshua, be Clear.


In the Fullness of Time