Friday, October 11, 2019


Each of the feast festivals represents a physical metaphor for YHVH's plan for creation. Sukkot is about an in gathering of harvest. This is symbolic of Yeshua's in gathering of those that love Dad, the Lamb, and have the Spirit of the Most High within themselves. 

So for seven days, we rejoice in our blessings, whatever they may be on whatever level, and remind ourselves that we are the harvest that one day, will be brought home to heaven. 

It is also about being a sincere and truthful person and living to that standard. That's the main thing, character building. In many ways, all these festivals has that as a theme, on an inner level. Staying the same old stinker means one isn't connecting with the spirit within your heart.

This year, it starts Saturday at sunset, PDT United States. However the actual time is based Jerusalem's sunset.

Sukkot ends the festivals for this year, until Passover next year and so on.

May His blessings be upon each of you always.