Thursday, January 2, 2020

Appointed Times and Revelations

Appointed Times and Revelations

by Don Bradley

Studying the latter days reveals how important every single word in the Bible is. The more you study such matters, the more this awareness comes upon you. As it did myself. It is not only a holographic (many layers) presentation of understanding the world, especially in these latter days, it also reveals the deep reverence all of Heaven has for these words, and how little there is of it by the readers on this plane.

Except for the Bride. The saints know and revere. Every word is sacred and becomes more so as understanding improves.

For every deep wisdom revealed, there are thousands of well-poisoners teaching the same old lies and having an understanding so shallow as to be ridiculous. To those who cherish, study, and pray, these types quickly become quite obvious for the liars they are. The first tell is their message of FEAR. And also, they have nothing new to teach us, which reveals they are none with Dad. Dad's people are constantly opening new understandings to the Great Holy Word of YHVH. That's their first tell. And the message behind it? LOVE.

The article reprinted by this fellow

Understanding the Coming one, the anti-Christ

below is in the latter category. His only error, if it can be called as such, was the mistake in using the revelation given to him, to give to us, was in calling out dates. He predicted 2016 as the time the lawless one would be revealed. Mainly because that fit with generational time zone and it being a year of shemitah. 

His error was in listening. Had he listened, he would have realised that many things had to be in place for that event of A113 to occur. 
  • Revelation 12 (which happened in Sept 2017), 
  • the witnesses who were to appear during Pentecost of the year the lawless one is revealed (there's a clue for you all),
  •  the double, 4 blood moon tetrarch on the feast days. (which was fulfilled by 2016)
  • as well as four other events, two of which are quite obvious.
These required time stamps had not occurred when he wrote this in 2011. In point of fact, he doesn't mention them at all, which in dealing with End times dating of things, are more than necessary for understanding. It's why we were and are, given them. So we could KNOW FOR SURE, the thing at hand, is the thing at hand.

In that sense, the writer failed, as they all do. I have and still maintain that Revelations is the rock that breaks all who attempt to reveal it before the appointed times. Make special note of this sentence, every word. Especially the appointed times part. That is what breaks them, for they do not understand this more than obvious blindness that is upon us all, until the appointed time.

It is also why I can discuss at length and with all support these elements, once the appointed time has come, and stand in good stead with Truth. But prediction? 

Not a chance.

Missler, Quayle, Skiba, Hovind, and hundreds of others who attempt to decode, BEFORE THE APPOINTED TIME, REVELATIONS-you name them...they all are wrong, shown wrong, and then, don't own their error. Which only makes the first error all the worse. 

Bless you all

Don Bradley

One of many appointed times. Blessed are they who see and understand.