Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Last Super Moon of 2020

This super moon has some problems. For starters, it set this morning at sunrise in the extreme southwest, far from the path of the ecliptic. Ball earthers and "settled science" swear that is impossible. They say the moon NEVER deviates 3 degrees from either one side of the ecliptic or the other. 

Except for today.

The palm tree on the left is the marker revealing where the moon set and where the sun set, later.

You can see that the moon is far and away from the ecliptic. And they knew it was coming because all night the planes flew overhead with a strong wind from the ocean blowing heavy chemtrails to try and obliterate the moon over Los Angeles.

But, then, as the moon descended. The winds shifted directions and thinned all that chem soup out making the moon visible.

Thanks Dad!

Moonset 5-6-20 Supermoon

Moonset in the southwest 28 degrees from the ecliptic!

sunset in the northwest, as it should be