Monday, March 28, 2022


 I was advised and so revealed on this site a few weeks back that the MAIN purpose of the war distraction was to slip this and other things in, while the world is rabidly and emotionally caught up in this BS border war. DB

You know what this means don't you? You have to accept the digital reality and ID (outward mark of the beast) or you do not exist at all, ever. In their eyes. And that means ownership, the car, the banking, your MONEY.

It will be found and it is already so, that to remain a QR code person, you have to be vaccinated, 5 shots. (inward mark of the beast).

Or again, you are a non person in their eyes. Renegade. Rebel. A malefactor.

See, the war was and is, a distraction. No one is writing about this, save a few folks, and we don't have mean stream voice, we have...just Christ. 

This is a bad day.



There is further news. When phreak Nimrod takes power, he intends to change to the calendars - all calendars, worldwide - as 



etc. To reflect his new bulloney phony rule of earth. 

Now, the creation of the Date of Yeshua's birth as the whole BC/AD thing came about as a worldwide and natural understanding as the amazing event His Life IS and WAS. It was codified by natural, uncoerced consent by the nations of this world.

Except by the Edomites, who publish a false calendar (they lie to their own kind, how f'd up is that?) like it's the year 5760 whatever lie it is. They do this to deceive people into thinking that end times are still 240ish years down the line. They are not.

1998 was about the 6000 year mark. FYI. The star charts say 1998, which is what I go by.

These are the End of days. And you know it.


To all, thank you for your kind words. I am grateful.