Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Paranormal Foolishness


Demon pretending to be a child. It cannot, however, hide what it is. Greenish grey skin, dead sunken eyes, long black hair. Ugly, malevolent grin. These creatures gain pleasure from your fear and suffering. Immense pleasure. Invoke Yeshua and declare your sovereignty.

Most of the paranormal stuff in the last few years is by coven acolytes. They do this for the obvious reasons, pretending to pretend, it's something else. Many of the main ghost investigation teams are coven members, go to created events, that they themselves create, by their interaction with the demonic realm. Mostly.

A few are residual hauntings at known places and asylums, prisons, etc,  and more often than not, are anchors for demons because they know new prey is always looking for a jump scare. The demons themselves pretend to be little children or women, crying out HELP ME HELP ME.

This is to get what they want. Permission to attach and they count on the gullibility of people who then make the mistake of inviting them to

"Use my energy to get to the light"

"How can I help you?"

All these and many other suck declarations are PERMISSION TO ATTACH to the giver. And now they have a problem that follows them for the rest of their days, slowly ruining their life, leading them deeper into self destructive influences. 

This is why all these ghost hunter teams with popular channels do these "investigations."

It's what they want. The whole point is to get people into situations whereby they can be fooled into giving permission on some level. All these ghost hunter teams always follow the same script, relaying to the demons permission giving declarations, which others emulate.

Their job is not to provide a scare, but to invoke curiosity among the naive. Which then happens. Then their lives turn to shit, as every single one of them reports. But no one reads those or hears those.

I've spent the last 20 years clearing out demonic locales, hundreds of them. To stop this. But I cannot stop the individual from doing something, through ignorance, leads to their own downfall other than to warn. It's a matter of education, of which little exists to protect the unwise.

So share this knowledge, to those who want to get to these places and "see for themselves."

IF you must go, pray before, during, and after. and SAY NOTHING. Ever. While in such a place. Your words have power, meaning, and AFFECT FREE WILL OUTCOMES. And that's on you, not the demons.

That's on you.

Also, bless a bottle of water in Yeshua's name and scatter it in the corners and doorways. Any mirrors found should be destroyed at once. Never take one home. Also, never ever take any item-regardless of what it is or its assumed value-from any place that is haunted or has been used for dark rituals. You bring and give permission to any entity if you do so.


This is a nephilim witch. Notice the hitchhiker just to her left. These are demons. This is a witch. Ignore the beauty, the soul is black.