Monday, March 22, 2021

Sky Trumpets in America 2021

Sky Trumpets in America 2021

by Don Bradley

Amazing times we live in. The darkest of times coupled with the revelation of the intentions with the Most High Elohim, YHVH. Among the many events emerging upon the world stage is Sky Trumpets. These are those Shofar blasts people all over the world have been hearing.

Of course, we possess the audio and technical prowess to fake such things and make them appear to be the genuine article. This is not outside the realm of possibility. And in some instances, these are mechanical artificial sounds, the dark side is using to replicate Our Heavenly Father's own angelic acts in accordance with the Book of Revelations.

The KEY difference is, having experienced these myself, is that when it is from Dad, or on High, you feel it within yourself as well as hear it as it does indeed come from the sky. Angelic trumpet blasts have an energetic quality regular sounds cannot imitate. You feel it as well as hear it. It is unique in that respect and unlike the mechanical, fake stuff the chicoms pull off on their people, as do other countries, in their efforts to hijack and mimic Yeshua's Holy Work. As it is written.

So, that's the tell. If you feel it inside, on an inner level, then you have a sky trumpet. 

A friend of mine acquired a shofar horn (2 of them) and we spent a bit of time (our prayer and study group) blowing it and getting a good idea of what it should sound like. And, when you search out sky trumpets, you find both kinds. The real deal, that sounds like a shofar horn and the fake, grinding mechanical kind, which is their lousy attempts at hijacking.

Because of course, the satanists are doing what they can to hijack this thing for their own immoral purposes of deceiving the people. Be not deceived, friends. 

There are many uploads on these for USA only 2021 on the linked site.