Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Regards the Vax Weapon and Free Will

Regards the Vax Weapon and Free Will

It was said that TWO GROUPS emerge over the year, 2021.

Don Bradley 5-17-21

If you take the vax, you receive all that is in that weapon. The MRNA, the nanobots, the heavy metals, toxins, poisons-all that they loaded into it, which seems to be every bad thing to ever stick in a body. Plus Luciferase, the glow in the black light hydrogel. It's in there, too.

If you didn't take the shot, but were exposed to the vax weapon by proxy, IE. someone who took the inoculation and is shedding, then you get the MRNA aspect of the weapon. So, none of the other stuff, OR the Luciferase.

This a sub group of GROUP ONE. Both groups are genetically the same now, GMO People.

All of both groups should find their open heart and turn to the Almighty. Let Him help whom He will. 

Amazingly, a great many people find they are spiritually immunized from vax weapon. No signs of it at all. This is yet again, it's own group. Neither vaxxed nor infected with MRNA. 

The question than remains, why this person and not the other? Our Heavenly Father knows the spiritual estate of each created being in all reality. From a house cat to a seraphim and everything in between. The reveal on the issue becomes obvious in whether we are hit with the plague or not. None need tell you of your estate in our time. We will be wearing it as our bodies for all to see. And do not think that, oh, this is just good genetics or some other silliness.

It should be more than fairly obvious that this weapon has been in development since at least 1974, which has been established. It takes no prisoners once its inside. And, it's alive with demonic hybrid machinery no one even understands. Genetic superiority has not a thing to do with it. It's the Grace of Almighty God, YHVH.

In every case, we exist in the book of life. We can only remove ourselves by choice, denial of YHVH and or his Son, Yeshua. We can also be removed by changing the Holy Word through lies, intentional false translations, or removal of a single word. This is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

Also, witches and satanists of the nephilim reality have a ritual called the broken cross ritual. It's quite vulgar, which is, partly, to take a cross made of clay or thin wood is preferred they say, turn it upside down, then break the arms downward. This is then urinated on. That removes you, too. They intone ugly, blasphemous words and such, etc.

In other words, it takes some doing to get removed out of the book. You have to do something out of your way wrong, to be so unfortunate. And rarely is this ever a one off event, but a series of lifetimes of making the same, yanked out of the book choices, with no remorse. You may see what you think is an innocent person to the reality of your now time, with what limited perceptual, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual attainments, but it certainly is not the mind, bodies, and spirit of the people you see around you. None of us truly know the other, either great feats of kindness and virtue for the good, holy, or true. Or many lifetimes of being a scoundrel and terror. 

Each day is like a new life. A fresh start. To begin anew. That's why every time, when given a chance to come back, and try and get it right during our place in history, we always agree. We see and know the importance of life and its effect on our growth in the Great ever going forward. This is why committing a murder is treated in the most harshest of penalties. It takes that great gift to start anew to try again away from people. Also why it is listed as a sin.

This is why continuously breaking any or all of the commandments is so very off setting to our growth as souls, ever destined to repeat the same issues we left off with, over and over again. Until we finally see we need to change for once in one life, start seeking the holy, good, and true wherever we may find it.

All I see in this terrible time is opportunity. I'm very dorkish in the sense of being flat out stupid in my failures as a human being. It seems to have taken me forever to learn simple things a soul should have nailed down by now. These last 16 years, I've happily cut those errors way down, but I'm still a dork. 

I still on occasion react, when I should respond. I find sincere heart toward understanding and mercy, goes very far in improving our light, love, and relationship with Yeshua. It also has the wonderful aspect of sweeping our houses clean of error, breaking programming of all stripes, and see others as important often more so, than we see ourselves.

Finally, this. Be wise as serpents and as harmless as doves.

What we learn in dealing with the dark side are hard fought, hard learned lessons. It works out better for all, if we avoid making certain mistakes, over and over again.