Sunday, August 14, 2022

I need storm pictures

The various intelligence agencies, with google and other engines (all cia) have prevented from finding or seeing, any online images of the storms from the southwest. So, could someone or many such, find some nice and pretty awesome storm images and upload them somewhere where I can download them...

like on your blog...

...or mail them to me. The good stuff, where His presence is pretty obvious to all. Not a pic of a mud hole near a drain gutter.

Any images with a comp virus embedded will be unfortunately be dealt with. So don't. Unless you and your entire command chain wish to discover exactly how unfortunate that would be for all concerned.

Thank you!


PS. No narcissism pics please. You know, where in a beautiful shot, someone just has to stick their big conceited face right in the middle of it revealing their vanity for all to see.

A tidal wave pic. As a reminder that Trumpet is still inbound, it was only delayed because of the prayers of a few, saved the lives of the many, for a time.

Below is an example of the presence of an angel with a fiery sword. If you enlarge the picture and look closely, you can see him hunched over, right arm extended, sword out with lightning coming from it. You can see his ears, eyes, shoulders, etc. Once you look with the eyes of the heart. Some however, will never see it. For their heart and mind has been closed to truth for so long, they cannot even see the nose on their face.

Hunched over, face, upper body, a clear outline of the angels doing this work for YHVH. 


Thrusting through an effigy of the serpent, being run through. In fact, there is so much going on in this picture, it speaks a great deal. See if you can decipher it.