Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Bees and the occult

Bees are the symbol of the priests of THE goddess. The one called Asherah in the Bible, she has many names. Aphrodite, Melissa, Melitta, Mylitta, Mulissu, etc.. These are later iterations of Astarte / Ishtar / Inanna.

In the Bible, the bee is associated with the Tribe of Dan in the story of Samson. There is a prophetic event where Samson comes across a lion's corpse which is being eaten from the inside out by bees. This foreshadowed how the pagan priestesses of the Tribe of Dan, located in Sidon, would lead Israel into apostasy by worshiping Asherah.

The Tribe of Dan escaped the destruction of Israel by the Assyrian invasion because they were a seafaring race. They fled on their ships and sailed around the European continent looking for a new home. They left their name everywhere they went which is why you have lands like Denmark "land of Dan," etc. They settled for a time in Ireland, and were called the Tuatha de Danaan. Eventually they were displaced by other invaders and made their way to Scotland. This is where the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry originates. It is the same religion as the Tribe of Dan. This is why Freemasons openly claim to be the builders of Solomon's Temple. The temple builders came from Tyre, in Sidon, the land of Dan.

Bees are symbolic of the priestesses of Satan.