Saturday, October 10, 2020

Clinton email on nephilim bodies


Pre-flood Fallen Angels came down and took wives from the race of men. Their offspring were angel-human hybrids, Nephilim to be precise. Destroyed in God's Flood destruction of the world, they made another incursion in the post-Flood world. The 13 Illuminati families are said to have lineage with these beings. Fallen Angels and Nephilim are worshiped and served by the elite for what they offer, advanced tech, wealth and power in this world in exchange for your soul.

Chimera abominations (minotaur) were fallen angels messing with genetic experiments (angel-animal hybrids). They "sinned against the animals".

They have the DNA of Nimrod and his cohorts. Do NOT TAKE THE VACCINE.


 These were declassified today. The 33000 Clinton emails. And wow, what they say to us. For starters...

Secretary of State Clinton knows all about the nephilim and Gilgamesh. Nimrod is BACK.