Thursday, October 15, 2020

The Satanic Left...the faces of evil (WARNING GRAPHIC)


These people are insane and that woman is making the case for satanic pedophile rings with that demonic face.

Joe Biden kisses his grand children...for a while he goes.

Every chance he gets. These people are sick.
The more you look, the more you see. This woman is a pedophile, child killer. For the blood and adrenochrome. Like most of them do, they telegraph it constantly, knowing nothing will happen to them. That time is past.

Oh no...we couldn't get a black President we could look up to admire and name streets after ala MLK. No. No, we get a pedophile freak who married a tranny and has "pizza" parties with pizza and chicken flown in from Chicago. For $60,000.00 per pizza. And we deserved it for kicking God out of our homes, schools, and lives. And so, we lived for ourselves instead of for others, and look where it has gotten us.

Why are all the senators and congress devils pedophiles? Because they are demonic nephilim. And they are in power. That's the problem.


Notice, too, that the Qanon question came from the host. This wasn't a debate. It was a town hall. Questions were supposed to come from the audience. Notice they couldn't get anyone from the audience demanding Trump denounce Q.



Church of Satan member

The many demons infesting these people insist upon constant self mutilation, to better anchor their influence on the person. To the point of total take over, as often happens. Then, it's too damn late. They are killers of children, eating them, drinking the blood, and debasing themselves in every dark practice and abomination.

The nephilim, just before the shift. RUN.