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Tate LaBianca Manson murders were a hit


Tate LaBianca Manson murders were a hit

Gibby Folger was always looking for ways to invest her inherited fortune, with aspirations of becoming an independent movie producer. Frykowski convinced his girlfriend the bourgeoning drug trade offered the best way of making a lot of money very quickly. Frykowski and Folger approached their friend Bill Mentzer about purchasing a franchise as a middleman in the lucrative LSD business and a wholesale distributorship of the new amphetamine MDA. Folger and Frykowski were users of the amphetamine MDA – which was found in their systems the night they were murdered – and realized its addictive potential. Folger told Mentzer that she was prepared to bankroll her boyfriend’s business endeavor.

Folger and Frykowski had recently been promoted to the rank of Initiate within the Process Church. Mentzer told them if they did well in the drug distribution business, they would be promoted to the rank of Messenger and given occult names; like Sister Jane or Brother John. One of Mentzer’s distributors, Charles Manson, had recently been promoted to the rank of Messenger. When Frykowski stated he wanted to be a Priest, like Mentzer, he was informed it was necessary to take a human life to achieve that rank. This startled the naive coffee heiress and her boy toy, because they knew Bill Mentzer and Laney Jacobs were high priests in the organization.

Bill Mentzer introduced Folger and Frykowski to one of his distributors; a wealthy associate by the name of Billy Doyle. Doyle picked up hallucinogenic drugs from secret LSD and MDA laboratories in a black Mercedes-Benz and distributed them to drop-off points for pickup by elements of the Hell’s Angels biker gang; which now controlled street-level distribution of all chemical narcotics in the LA area. Doyle agreed to start delivering shipments to Folger and Frykowski the following week. The first shipment would be a small one, about $5K. They needed to have the cash readily available when Billy showed up.

Gibby Folger and Wojtek Frykowski were now in the drug business, and one of their major customers lived across the street from them.

Later that summer, Folger and Frykowski invited their new business associate, Billy Doyle, to join them and other celebrity members of the Process Church at a satanic celebration at the Polanski residence on Cielo Drive. Folger and Frykowski were house-sitting the Polanski residence while Roman and Sharon were in Europe. Sharon, now eight months pregnant, had recently returned from Europe; but was staying at the home of a girlfriend, Sheila Welles. Polanksi was in London, where he was having an open affair with John Phillips’ seventeen year-old wife, Michelle, who also sang with the Mamas and the Papas and helped write the song, California Dreaming.

Folger’s celebration was held to honor French film director Roger Vadim, who was then married to actress and anti-war activist Jane Fonda. Roger needed an infusion of satanic power and fortune, given the movies he had made with his sex-kitten wife (Barbarella and Spirits of the Dead) were critical and box office flops when they were released in 1968. Plus, a good orgy would help to cheer him up. The following year (maybe with Satan’s help) Roger would find his stride again, with the critical and box office success of Pretty Maids all in a Row, a dark sex comedy produced by Gene Roddenberry and featuring Rock Hudson as a high school teacher, pedophile, and serial killer of slutty underage girls.

The party honoring Roger Vadim occurred on Tuesday night, the 5th of August, 1969. Twenty-two members (eleven women and eleven men) of Folger’s and Frykowski’s coven hosted three guests: Doyle, Vadim and a third who was most likely Jane Fonda. The unsuspecting Doyle was thrilled to be in the company of Hollywood Royalty until, following the solemn ceremony of the black mass, several of the men seized him, stripped him of his black robe, and tied him nude to a whipping post. Folger and Frykowski explained to an astonished Doyle that he was being punished for a $2K “dope burn” – allegedly giving poor quality drugs to Jay Sebring. Doyle couldn’t believe his ears. Folger and Frykowski still owed him over $11K from the last pickup. They were the ones who would be getting whipped if his boss, Bill Mentzer, ever found out. The naïve coffee heiress and her boy-toy laughed at this notion; Mentzer was their good friend. After being publicly whipped and humiliated, Doyle remained strapped to the whipping post throughout the orgy of sex and drugs that followed. Occasionally, a stoned cultist stopped by for a little conversation and a lot of sodomy. The dope dealer fully expected to be sacrificed to Satan when the night’s festivities ended. Instead, he was set free to go about his business.

Although initially denied by police, it was later confirmed that remnants of that night’s satanic orgy – black hoods, leather aprons, occult items, drug paraphernalia and sadomasochistic devices – were found in the loft above Sharon Tate’s living room at 10050 Cielo Drive. Actor Dennis Hopper later commented publicly on the matter in an interview with the LA Times: “They had fallen into sadism and masochism and bestiality – and they recorded it all on videotape, too. The LA police told me this. I know that three days before they were killed twenty-five people were invited to that house for a mass-whipping of a dealer from Sunset Strip who’d given them bad dope.” Ed Sanders later confirmed that a large party was held on Cielo Drive at which Billy Doyle, an acquaintance of Bill Mentzer, was whipped as the result of a dope burn involving about $2K worth of cocaine which was perpetrated on Jay Sebring, who was present at the affair.”

And on LaBianca:

"There were two victims in the La Bianca murders on the second night: Leno La Bianca and his wife, Rosemary. Leno La Bianca was killed because he was unable to pay $230K of debt to Mentzer’s boss, a former Mossad agent who was the other Process Priest summoned to Mentzer’s War Council and Invocation Ceremony."


When Charles Manson was a prison inmate, he got introduced to Scientology by fellow prisoners, and his ability to psych out people was intensified so that he could zero in on their weaknesses and fears. In 1967, he was released and went to the Scientology Center in San Francisco. A friend who accompanied him there told me, “Charlie said to them, 'I'm Clear – what do I do now?'”

But they expected him to sweep the floor – shit, he had done that in jail. However, in Los Angeles, he went to the Scientology Celebrity Center. Now this was more like it – there he could mingle with the elite. I was able to obtain a copy of the original log entry: “7/31/68, new name, Charlie Manson, Devt. No address. In for processing = Ethics = Type III.” 

Look at the date of Charlie's induction into Scientology - a witches black sabbath. DB