Friday, July 22, 2022

Severe thunderstorms deserts of southern California (July 20 through 23)

 As foretold...

If you go to weather radar, all the rain is blocked. So the rest of the country thinks there is no rain. That's the satanic pushback. All the below screen caps were done in the same 5 minutes at about 7pm this evening.

Here you can see huge storms sweeping across the lower states and covering mexico.

 Below you can see the rain on the sites they haven't fiddled with, revealing massive thunderstorms. Understand?

Below you see the NATIONAL RADAR DOT GOV site and it's completely blank, which is what ALL newsie outlets use for their news. ALL A SATANIC LIE. As can be observed, they are HIDING THE RAIN from the people. 
I pray our Heavenly Father strikes these lying gimps down, for their malfeasance and betrayal of American and Mexican citizens alike.